Are these genuine Mikimoto pearls?

by Victoria
(Norfolk, England)

I have been inherited a double string of pearls from my Mum always thought to be Mikimoto pearls. They are 6-7mm size, length 53cm from clasp end to end, 26cm when around the neck, with a silver clasp.

My Mum got them in the early 1960's as a gift, from the Peiping lace Store in Kuala Lumpur as is shown on the box, which states Genuine Mikimoto pearls. (of course I recognise it could just say that for effect!!) My parents lived in Malaysia at that time.

I would like some idea of whether they are genuine Mikimoto or something else and a rough value if possible! All thoughts welcome. Whatever happens they will remain with me as sentimental value is greater than any sales price.

Thank you.

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