I think I have a genuine 14K Puffed Mariner / Gucci Link Chain (mayby) ???

by Dabonboza
(Los Angeles, CA. USA)

End of Chain

End of Chain

Pic was taken with basic digital cam, no frills, close-up very difficult - even in macro!

Anyway; here we go: The chain length is 22 inches. The chain weight is 16.69 Grams. Each link is about 6 mm in length. Each link is about 4 mm in width. The Thickness of each link is about 1 mm. Now the hard part, Markings - aka/ Hallmark! I will describe as best I can, using around the head 3 lens magnifier with a light! Attached to the clasp there is a link with markings. The Top marking (singular) appears to read as numerical 585. The bottom has several markings (Plural), reading from left to right I thing they are as follows: First is a STAR, looks to be 5 point. Next (just to the right of the star) is what "I think" is the number 74. Lastly; on the extreme right are the letters AR. For what it's wo

rth the clasp is also marked 585. Anything else is probably scratch and / or dirt. Do you know what I have? Thank You in advance for taking the time to read this monolog and give it some thought. Sincerely, BAB...

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