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Are there any beads along it?
by: Yvonne


sounds interesting but a photo would be ideal. Can you resubmit your question an upload a photo - it may not be a rosary. Are there beads along it's length? The beads along the rosary are fingered for keeping count like in a mental prayer. The Rosary is usually connected with Roman Catholic. In Roman Catholic rosary, there should be at least 55 beads in number.


585 / 14k Rosary
by: BrandyR

I have a really old looking Rosary that has 585/14k and I thought it was copper so I'm not sure now. Its about 1 1/2 ft or a little shorter bit I've never seen a Rosary that long or heavy I've look everywhere on the internet and with people and everybody loves it but nobody knows about it. What can I do? I'm not really up for selling it but I'm curious about it. It be longed to my grandpa that passed.

The colors of gold
by: Anonymous

Hi Rachel I'm not sure what you mean exactly. I think you might mean you have a yellow and white gold ring hallmarked 585?

If this is the case, it means 14K, 14ct or 585 (parts per 1000) or 58.5% gold (Asian for overseas market. Common in USA. Russian 584.)

Rarely you may see something different. The odd ones can be easily be calculated using following...
1 karat gold is 1 part in 24 gold.

So for instance 22ct or 22K is 22 parts in 24 of pure gold or 22/24ths or if you multiply 22/24 X 1000 you get 916 (916 parts per 1000) or 91.6% gold.

If you see a number, for example 585, divide it by 1000 and multiply by 24, it will give you the carat. 585 / 1000 x 24 = 14. 04ct.

Gold comes in many colors depending on the other metals used in the alloy. The carat does NOT change because of the color. The amount of gold is the same. White, Rose and other are just variations in colour.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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