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More Info Requested
by: Anonymous

Hi Dominic great hearing from you, however, we need an image of the mark, and further information such as a description of the necklace, as much details as possible, in order to conduct our research. Small details, like, where on the necklace the marks appear, provide clues. The weight's important, especially in view of the gold prices.

You can work the price of the gold store of value yourself, based on today's gold price, by using a special equation to calculate the gold value, using caratage, the current gold price and weight indices.

'How to work out the scrap value of gold' is an article that guides you through the process in 6 easy steps. The link to the guide is in the Jewelry Resources Here...

If the item was made in US after 1922, you might try researching in the "US jewelry marks, edition - 1922" in the Jewelry Resources Here.

You're always welcome to submit a follow-up submission and upload a an image. Just type "A over 14k Gold Logo | Necklace" so we can assign to this question here quickly and cut down response time.

best wishes

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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