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14K not Hallmarked
by: Yvonne

Glad we could be of assistance!

Thanks Jean for your comments.


missing gold stamp
by: Jean Papin

Gold purity marks have been required on gold jewelry in the US since 1906, so you are right to be suspicious of an unmarked item which sounds like it is a 20th century piece. There is a possibility that the stamp was sized out or polished off. You should hold off on leaving feedback for the ebayer until you get the ring tested by a jeweler.

thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your reply. I am sending the ring back without having it tested by my jeweler. I did some research on Montgomery Ward jewelry and they sold a great deal of vermeil settings. I suspect that she doesn't even know it is vermeil. She is accepting the ring back so there is no problem with that. You are right though, I do like the ring, but it is of no use to me. Thank you again. This is a wonderful site.

Test the Metal
by: Anonymous

It's clear you do like this ring, DESCRIBED as 14K Diamond but not verified or you would have returned it already.

Some of the world's greatest optimists are eBay sellers, although there are some very reputable traders, so I 'm told.

With the price of gold at historic high levels, some people are turning to gold in the form of physical gold jewelry as a form of investment. It is critical when you buy jewelry, that you are certain of the metal content (at least).

Although the ring may be pretty, you have every right to know the ring you purchased as 14K, is in fact 14K gold as described.

Where she purchased the ring and the upgrade story may well be true but this is not evidence of the metal composition. You purchased a ring in good faith believing it to be 14K gold as described. If you have a gold tester you could test the metal yourself. No gold tester? No 14K gold mark? This is what I would do.

Email the seller directly and inform her that because the ring is not hallmarked you will be having the ring tested to verify it is 14K gold, by your local jeweler. If it turns out that the ring is not 14 K gold as described you will be returning the ring immediately and would like the amount you paid for the ring, refunded plus the cost of the testing carried out by your jeweler. (You will send the receipt from jeweler)

If the ring is 14K gold you will have something in writing as confirmation plus the added peace of mind. There is nothing worse, than having a piece of jewelry and not knowing some aspect about it, especially the metal composition. I think I'd also get the jeweler to test the diamond.

Thanks for writing in....
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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