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by: Tracey

I purchased earrings st an estate sale with 585 stamped on them. The backs are screw ons, not for pierced ears. How do I determine how old the are?? They look custom made.

Information 585
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know what 585 means on old piece of jewerly and value

by: Greybeard

Many items like this were produced in Holland in the 1970's they all used rose cut type diamonds many with royal blue enamel. You could order them they would be made to order and sent to UK with a certificate of antiquity to reduce import and duty fees.

14K Kt Standard Introduced in Britain and US
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

in 1854 there was a monumental change to the British hallmarking system, by allowing the carat number plus the Decimal point, ie. 9 with .375, 18 with.750 to be marked on Jewelry.

If the marks are worn down on the metal and faded you will need the assistance of the jewelers loupe. Cup loupes are preferred by jewelry appraisers for hallmark identification.

There is a magnifying glass at one end of the cup loupe. You put the large open end over your eye and then bring the object up to eye until it comes into focus. Information on Jewelry Loupes can be found Here.

12 ct and 15 ct were discontinued in 1932 in Britain when the 14 ct standard was introduced.

Now the state, United States that is: 14k - .585 is also a U.S. Gold Mark,

this is a tricky one, the front of the ring looks georgian style and there is a possibility that the gold band was added at a later date. Our Victorian and Georgian ancestors in general had smaller wrists, hands and fingers, so the fingere ring sizes were smaller; the ring could have been resized at a later date. If the finger ring size now, is on the large side this will help to confirm.
For anyone interested in how to measure ring size click here.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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