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NG Link
by: Anonymous

Attempted to go to this link. It says no cookie something or other. I get nada!

Just tried the link and it was working fine my end. 8th May 2015

Update for this post!
by: Dabonboza

I have been scouring the internet in attempts to figure out the Hallmarking's. Ergo, I update as follows:

The STAR (5 point): This seems to be representative of "The Star of Italy" and seeing this one can assume that the chain was made in Italy.

The number 74: I "may" be reading this erroneously! It is more likely that the number is "14" and representative of the 14K content.
*** It is also possible that the number 74 is correct! In this event it may represent the person who made it! Or, the year it was made! However; I seriously doubt this is so. 14K seems far more logical.

The Letters AR: This appears to represent the actual town in Italy where the chain was made. In this case my research shows Arazzo, Italy! I have yet to check if such a town actually exists. Probably does though.

As to the number 585: This is equal to about 14K. It seems such a chain would not actually be sold in Italy, as they require a minimum of 18k to sell there.

Chain history: It was very legally purchased by my father who left it to me upon his death. He undoubtedly purchased it. However; I have not a clue as to where, other than NYC. He did have his own Jeweler. But; he also purchased at reputable stores - I.e.. Tiffany's etc... One last note!

The original clasp broke after many, many years of my opening and closing it. My friend (Joe - a Jeweler in NYC replaced it for me. He is a good old Italian man who stated the replacement was "as near as identical to the original as he could provide!" I watched him do it - the original Hallmark was maintained! When I asked him "How Much $$" he replied "Nothing my friend - it's a gift." He is a good dude!

I have yet to have the chain tested and appraised. I was too preoccupied at the time to ask Joe to do it! I have no chemicals or acids. However; I do have a Multi-Meter! Can it be done with that? It Passed the magnet test with flying colors!

AR is an Italian Town Mark
by: Anonymous

AR is an Italian Town Mark designation - please see the following link for more information on italian marks:

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