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Hallmarking in the USA
by: Layla

I believe Jewelry manufacturing in the USA only started around 1840 although you do find many pre 20th century pieces in the USA stamped with European and British marks. This is due to the early settlers ties with the "old country" though.

United States use "k" mark for gold measurement and the UK use "ct" mark.

It was not until 1906 that regulations concerning the "hallmarking" were issued in the USA. As there is no supervised system of hallmarking in the USA, you can't technically say it is "hallmarking" in the strict sense, rather it is referred to as "manufacturers' marks".

14K could have been stamped as early as 1906 in the USA.

Hope this helps

Carat or Karat
by: Hallmark Guru Team

You can easily distinguish gold marks used in the USA from those in Great Britain by the abbreviation. The UK spelling is "carat" which is shortened as "ct", while in the USA the abbreviation is "k" for "karat".

Guru Team

British Gold Designation and Carat
by: Yvonne

Please note that the British use ct (carat) instead of k for gold designation.

How they came up with the term carat (weight measurement) is quite interesting in itself...the term is often confused with the unit of weight for diamonds and other precious gemstones, also called carat.

Thousands of years ago, merchants in ancient Mesopotamia used carob seeds to balance their scales, and that is where we get the word "carat" - the term used for units of weight.

best regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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by: Leigh

In 1932, 14k replaced 12k and 15k in Britain.

Leigh Leshner

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