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9ct bk & ft gold
by: Anonymous

I have been lead to believe that back & front gold is a sheet of gold (usually 9ct )applied to a base metal to the back and the front, so not plated as in today's standard method of plating.
I have always been paid 50% of the total item weight when scrapping bk & ft item's.

Qualitative Information
by: Anonymous

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NOT solid
by: Antique Jewellery

It is NOT solid gold.

front and back means just that. A sheet of 9ct gold has been applied to the front and back. I do not agree with saying it is 'plated' as this gets confused with today's electroplating which may be only 2-3 microns thick.

The amount of gold content in FB varies greatly but is usually between 20-30% so it is still very high quality, but certainly not solid. In the UK it is ILLEGAL to claim such an item is solid gold as it does not carry a full hallmark.

Antique Jewellery

Gold Filled
by: Yvonne

Hi - I'm suspicious. If the bracelet is 9 carat gold, what is the purpose for the mark '9ct front and back'? It sounds like it might be gold filled. Gold filled is not jewelry filled with gold as the name suggests. In gold filled jewelry, first a tube of solid gold (9ct in this case) is formed and then "filled" with jewelers core metal.

Gold filled jewelry is made from a sandwich of gold and the metal touching your skin is gold, sometimes however it may only a gold 'front' and a base metal at the 'back' touching your skin.

The sales assistant may believe it is solid gold but like lots of programed folks around today, they believe things to be true that are in fact false.

The sales assistant should be willing to provide you with some type of guarantee or return policy, allowing you enough time to have the gold tested independently. If the bracelet doesn't test solid gold you should be able to return it and get a refund.

If they refuse to provide you with any kind of written guarantee I would strongly advise you to buy jewelry elsewhere.

best regards

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