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Help Central -  The Antique Jewelry Investor Help Forums 
Pearl Questions? - Ask the Pearl Girl 
General Antique Jewelry Questions? - Ask Away Here!
Gold Hallmarks Questions? - Ask the Hallmarks Team 
How to upload an Image on Help Central  
Vintage or Antique Costume Jewelry Questions?  - Costume Jewelry Questions
Antique Indian Jewelry Questions? Ask Your Antique Indian Jewelry Question Here!
Miriam Haskell Jewelry Questions? 
Antique Cameo Questions? Ask Athena of the Parthenon
The Hallmark Challenge - Heaven or Hell Hallmark Holmes? 
Crime Scene Investigation - Now Your Turn to Speak
Unsolved Crimes
US Gold Coins Questions? 


Invest in Gold - Gold Antique Jewelry? It's As-Good-as-Gold!
Why You Should Get Outright Physical Ownership of Gold
Who Else Is Swimming Naked?
Gold Fix - The Gold Fixing Dummies Guide
The History of the Gold Fix - BIZARRE!
10 Reasons to Invest In Gold Jewelry - 10 reasons for Investing in Gold Jewelry
Buying Gold - The THREE Buying Gold Basics
Gold Mining  - We have that covered too!
Flecks of Gold 
One Hundred Gold Facts!

مائة حقيقه عن الذهب - One Hundred Gold Facts in Arabic

How To Sell Jewelry - Learn  how to sell Jewelry like an Antique Jewelry pro.
The Asian Markets - I told you so. Asia's growing middle-class equals  a growing demand for gold Investment. 
How to Invest - Know How to Invest Money in Jewelry and avoid being scammed.
The Difference Between A Collector and the Jewelry Investor 
Jewelry Repair - Beyond repair and how to avoid buying a dead horse.
Date and Value Tips by Sharon Lemell of Years After 
Antique Jewelry Buying Basics - Ready for some basic training? 
Is it Authentic? 
How To Use a Jewelers Loupe - pronounced (LOOP) in 5 easy steps.
What The Jeweler's Loupe CanTell You 

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Facts About Diamonds
Argyle Pink Diamonds
Hope Diamond 
Moissanite Diamonds
Colored Diamonds

Jewel of the Month

Jewel of the Month -The Antique Jewelry Investor sitemap wouldn't be complete without including Antique Jewel of the Month...

Your Favorite!
Your Favorite Antique Jewelry - Don't be shy - What's YOUR favorite antique jewel?


Hallmarking in Great Britain - The UK Hallmark Guide.
Hallmark Determination - A horse is a horse  - of course NOT!
Researching British Hallmarks - Date Letters & Maker's Marks.
Antique Jewelry Hallmarks - When it comes to hallmarks on Antique Jewelry, many people are unsure if jewelry marks are an essential requirement.
Egyptian Gold Marks -Talk Jewelry Like an Egyptian.

Antique Gold

Antique Gold Jewelry - A Primer - Antique Gold Jewelry is an investment.
Antique Gold Work - Antique Gold work techniques were innovative and resulted in truly luxurious jewelry.
Identifying Antique Gold Jewelry - Vintage or  ANTIQUE?
Caratage - it counts!

Gem Opals - Which Opals Qualify as Gems.

Invest in Antique Moonstone Jewelry - Pearls, Opals and MOONSTONES were once the only gems considered "acceptable" to combine with Victorian Antique Diamond Jewelry.

Amber Gemstone - Ancient Gold  Amber is the new GREEN!


Natural Pearls - Precious & Rare - Natural Pearls are a Treasure!
Baroda Pearls - Sita Devi and the Prince of Baroda...
La Peregrina Pearl - One remarkable Natural Pearl of great price.......
Persian Gulf Pearls - Natural Pearls born in the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf.
Arco Valley Pearl - Next to Allah - Arco Valley  is Big Pearl Runner-Up.
Giant Dubai Natural Pearl - Rare Pearls & Gems from the Middle-East.
Identifying Natural Pearls from Cultured Pearls  - It's a Difficult Distinction!
Natural Abalone Pearls -  A Natural pearl species.
Information on Pearls - Rare information on Pearls Rare.
The History of Pearls

Pearl Rare Care

Caring for Pearls, Natural, Cultured and Freshwater - Only oysters can repair pearls. 

Cultured Pearls

Cultured Pearls - the lion's share of  pearls in the market today are Cultured pearls....
History of Cultured Pearls -  when man and pearl combined. 
Discovery of the Pearl Cultivating Technique - Were the Japanese Really the first to discover how to culture pearls?
Mikimoto Pearls - Mikimoto stamps his name onto Cultured pearls.
South Sea Pearls - From Burma and the Gulf of Thailand through the Sulu Sea of the Philippines, Malaysia, the Indonesian Arafura Sea and northern Australia to the Cook Islands..
Australian South Sea Pearls - the most beautiful pearls in the world.
Tahitian Black Pearls 
Identifying Cultured Pearls 101 - Antique Pearl Jewelry contains, either Cultured pearls, Pearl imitations, Freshwater pearls or Natural pearls.
Grading Pearls For Easy Identification - Pearl Pros 7 step Pearl grading system.
Pearl Imitation - The best imitation pearl tests!

Synthetic Pearls

Information on Majorica Pearls - You don't need oysters for pearls Girls!

Georgian Jewelry

Invest in Georgian Jewelry - Georgian jewelry was meant to be seen in low light but modern lighting does not detract from the special qualities of the antique settings.
Georgian Jewelry 101 - Despite the French revolution of 1789, France managed to hold on to her role as the leader of fashion & jewelry.

Greek Key Pattern Revisited

Greek Key Pattern - a running ornamental design of repeated symmetrical figures.

Art Nouveau Jewelry

Invest in Art Nouveau Jewelry - Due to the vulnerability of the enamel less of these precious works of art survived. 
Art Nouveau Jewelry 101 - Since its introduction in the Fin-De-Siecle, (end of the century) the demand for Art Nouveau Jewelry (new art) has never stopped.

Edwardian Jewelry

Ewardian Style Jewelry - Edwardian closes the door on Victorian Jewelry.

Art Deco Jewelry

Invest in Art Deco Jewelry - Produced between 1918 and 1930, the style takes its name from the 1925 world fair in Paris, L'Exposition des Arts Decoratifs, where several designers displayed Diors, New Look.
Georges Fouquet - Master jeweler of two design periods.
Art Deco Jewelry 101 - Jewelry of the Art deco period is described as Rebellious.
Identifying Art Deco Jewelry During the Art deco of the mid 1920s, jewelers began to play with Chinese motifs.


Contact Antique Jewelry Investor 
Investor Links


Jewelry Resources - The Jewelry Resource for Novice and Professional 
How to Measure Ring Size - How to measure ring size without a ring mandrel using these easy steps....

Antique Wedding Rings

Antique Wedding Rings
Antique Diamond Engagement Rings
White Gold Wedding Bands -the hottest news in wedding jewelry since the Art Deco.
The History of Wedding Rings - age-old wedding customs and traditions.
Sexuality of Wedding Rings - the wedding ring is a symbol of a contract involving the body. It is intimate and sexual.
Promise Ring Meaning - the meaning of the Promise ring and the Keeper ring.
How To Choose An Antique Wedding Ring

Wedding Jewelry

Handmade Wedding Jewelry - the unique appeal of artisan handmade wedding jewelry.
Design Your Own Engagement Ring - Introducing ReDesignIT - the Designer Engagement Ring Service.

Costume Jewelry

Invest in Antique Costume Jewelry - all that glitters isn't gold. 
Designer Costume Jewelry - upscale French and American Designer Costume Jewelry.
Chanel Costume Jewelry - Chanel Costume Jewelry and Ten Rows of Pearls.
Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree - Vintage Christmas tree jewelry wins the prize!
Identifying Costume Jewelry - Identifying Costume Jewelry by Costume Jewelry Designer...
A WEISS Deception - Enough of FAKE Vintage Costume jewelry, buyers get Wise.
Rhinestone Costume Jewelry
History of Rhinestones
Caring For Rhinestone Costume Jewelry


Famous Collections - Nizams' Legendary Collection.
Passengers on the Titanic - Edwardian  jewelry recovered from the Titanic lives on.
The Duchess of Windsor Collection - was sold in 1987 for the record price of $ 53.5 million....
Lest We Forget
Kremlin Diamonds - Russia's Dazzling Diamond Display.
The Jewelry of Umm Khalthum - the lady of Arabic song, personal jewelry collection.
Mubarak Egyptian Gift Collection
Elizabeth Taylor Gets That Peachy Pear
Famous Engagement Rings - Lady Diana Spence engagement ring...
Duchess of Cornwall - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.

History of Jewelry

History of Jewelry - The word 'jewellery' is derived from the word 'jewel' from the Old French word 'jouel' in around the 13th century.
Fabergé Eggs - forty-seven of the fifty-four Imperial Russian Fabergé eggs are known to exist.
Catalogue of Imperial Fabergé Eggs - complete list of all the Russian Imperial Fabergé Easter Eggs...
Favorite Fabergé Egg? - I love the the Orange Tree Fabergé Egg - What's your favorite Fabergé easter egg?

Medieval Treasure Pond

Austrian Buried Treasure
Pearls Before Swine - Before the old proverb was ever written in the Bible a girl living in Jerusalem was wearing pearl earrings....

Jewelry from India 

Invest in Antique Indian Jewelry - India marriages are considered incomplete without antique India jewelry and Indian Gold Jewelry for the bride.
Indian Gold Jewelry - Diamonds are Forever and so is India Gold Jewelry.
Gold in India - A Glittering Performance as Gold in India Falls.
Investing in India - Investing in India means Gold investment. The demand for Gold is embedded  into India culture...
India Astronomy - healing gemstones from Incredible India

Jewelry Amoire & Jewelry Box

Jewelry Armoire - The inside story on the Jewelry Armoire.
Sienna Jewelry Armoire - Continental class and elegance comes to jewelry furniture storage.
White Jewelry Armoire - Feng Shui your Bedroom with the AJI white jewelry armoire that brings utility,  freshness and elegance.
Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes - Handcrafted jewelry boxes can rival furniture!
Unique Jewelry Boxes - Larger pieces of jewelry, rigid jewelry forms and parures require more Space.
Jewelry Storage - Reduce the risk of burglary, keep your jewelry out of easy reach and out of sight.
Traveling With Jewelry? - boarding call for people who travel with jewelry.
Cleaning Jewelry - Jewelry cleaning tips & techniques.
Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner - How they work and what jewelry you can and can't put in sonic cleaners.

 Jweelry Armoire Shop

Antique Cameo

Antique Cameo - the masterly precision of the engraver's art.
History of Cameo
French Antique Cameo

Gemstone Meanings - what does your birthstone mean?
List of Gemstones - gemstones, colors and families.
Mohs Scale - low down on the Mohs scale
Traditional Wedding Anniversary - List of Wedding Anniversary Gemstones.

Best Antique Jewelry Books - Many a jewelry collection has started with a good book.
Great Books on Pearls - The best books on pearls, cultured, freshwater, black pearls and natural pearls.


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