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Camellia Ruby-Red Jewel

The Ruby Jewel of the Month was formerly owned by Lady Lily Safra. Lady Safra was a bright yellow flower herself ("Safra" is an Arabic word, and the English translation is "something yellow") who was married to Edmond J. Safra (Arabic: ادموند يعقوب صفرا‎; August 6, 1932 – December 3, 1999) a Lebanese-Brazilian Jewish banker.

The Camellia Ruby Jewel was part of a collection of the  Jewels of Hope: the Collection of Lily Safra.

Auctioned by Christie's in May 2012, proceeds exceeded all pre-sale estimates. Lily Safra herself also added to their value, as she was so dedicated to art and jewelry.

The Camellia flower was named after Joseph Kamel 1661 - 1706, a Moravian Jesuit who described botany of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. A flowering evergreen of the tea family, the Camellia flower is a native of China and Japan. The symmetrical beauty of the Camellia and it's long-lasting quality has been appreciated by young lovers as a token for expressing love for each other.

In Chinese flower meanings, the petals reflect the spirit of a lady and the holder of the petals ( the calyx) represents, the male as protector of the petals.

The Camellia is highly respected in Southwest China and is the national flower of the ancient southern kingdom of Dai Li.  This land is marked by steep hills and raging rapids and the hills and valleys of the kingdom are transformed into a sea of ruby red and white in early spring.

The Camellia Ruby Jewel Broach is the curtain-raiser for July Jewel of the Month. The birthstone for July  is  Ruby. The broach was among 18 pieces by Joel Arthur Rosenthal JAR.  As the Camellia Ruby Jewel demonstrates, JAR chooses exceptional gemstones and works around them to create works of art.

 Auctioned at Christie's in Geneva on May the 14th, the sale was the largest single owner selection of pieces by JAR.

Felice Leiftinck, jewelry specialist at Christie's said the appeal was in the fact that JAR "is as much an artist as a jeweler and his pieces are colorful, eccentric, completely different from normal jewelry."

Looking at Camellia Ruby-Red Jewel, naturalized in this expressive three-dimensional piece, sharing similarities of form with the Brazilian Green Quartz Trumpet Flower and 1st Place Gemmy's Winner in 2011, one would have to agree with Felice Leiftinck. 

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