April Jewel of the Month 

2010  Feu-De-Joie French Antique Pendant

April Jewel of the MonthFrench Antique Pendant

April Jewel of the Month 2010 featured on Antique Jewelry Investor is a French  double sided pendant and suitable for those starting out.  Either wear it on the female side or the male side. Here, a male piper is depicted, happily playing with his wind instrument. Both portraiture, on each side, have such sweet, classical depictment.

Each representation has a gold edge and white enamel on a hand cut gold surround. There is a French gold hallmark- and eagle's head for 18k gold, Paris stamped on the pendant on the male side. The 14k chain is a later addition.  


This Pendant is  from Jean Papin Antique Jewelry selection and well worth a visit  for those new to collecting.  


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