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Consider an invest in Gold Old Antique, Estate and Period Jewelry that's stood the test of time and opt for outright physical gold ownership,  as opposed to buying gold in the form of say,  gold certificates, which some say, is only as good as the certificate it's written on.

Investing in gold is one of the oldest forms of investing around, and it's not just gold bugs who think so.  Buying gold has always been considered a safe-haven and a hedge against economic uncertainty.

Old gold is now the new green, sustainable alternative.   The gold that was used in grandmother's antique gold bracelet, for instance, doesn't cost the earth because old-timers were mining for gold  before Gold Mining Got Dirty. 

 10 More Good Reasons to Invest in Gold Antique Jewelry and 20th Century Jewelry...

Recklessly crossing the street at the end of the Late Bubble Epoque, the world economy got hit by a cross-town bus. My antique jewelry investor friend summed up my thoughts exactly when she said: 

"Thank God, I didn't have my money in the stock market, I decided before the crash, to invest in gold Antique Jewelry."

Hmmm. Doomer porn or prudent preparation? You decide.

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For those speculators, who think invest in gold jewelry is some kind of Roland Emmerich "disaster insurance" or consider gold invest is only about Buying US Gold Coins, Gold Bars or Gold Shares, Antique Jewelry Investors, would like to point out, that on planet finance, investing in Jewelry  that has stood the test of time, has  strength and  Roar quality and  it's about time you woke up and heard it roar too!

Gold Antique Jewelry is investing in gold with hedge and  edge, actually double-edge. Investors  gain not only from the increase in the intrinsic value of  the gold and silver and the gemstones on the one side but  Antique & Estate Jewelry is Rare, it's scare, (they don't make it anymore) and consequently an additional store of rare value. 

Each piece of invest-worthy Antique jewelry, not necessarily even made of gold, is a miniature work of art in itself. Just Look At The Antique Gold Work Here!

People investing in gold jewelry in India  need no convincing.  Buying gold in India in the form of Antique Indian Gold Jewelry is a safe currency without  country. Not to mention the pleasure and enjoyment the owner  derives in collecting and wearing it.

Don't get caught, Swimming Naked!  Maybe  wearing a dress made out of stocks, shares and bonds certificates may set a fashion trend one day, but you won't be making  any fashion headlines.

Show Me the Real Thing

Glittering rubies from Mogok. Green emeralds from the Panjsher Valley.  Gold  from Serra Pelada - Gold Antique Jewelry and gemstones  speak of a time when fables of gems  arriving from far-flung corners of the earth were saturated with thrilling thoughts of romance and daring. Today, it's a bit more complicated. 

 Where IS the "real-thing"? The marketplace today is  saturated  with  new gemstone look-a-likes, fake synthetic diamonds, laboratory-created diamonds  and unethical blood diamonds. 

Antique Diamonds, on the other hand, sparkle Blood-Free.  

Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, Worthless Little Rocks of Desire, (opens a pdf, a bit slow to download, but for those interested in an overview of blood diamonds, it's worth the wait), while man-made diamonds  and Moissanite Diamonds are the subjects of mounting controversy. Lab-created diamonds are  grown in a laboratory.

The created diamonds are technically perfect and some refer to them as 'Cultured Diamonds', borrowing an idea from Mikimoto Cultured Pearls. Kokichi Mikimoto marketed pearls for  everyday  working women, who couldn't afford the luxury of Natural Pearls.

The line between genuine and fake in the world of gemstones is getting harder to see, even for trained gemologists! So What Are the Facts About Diamonds?

Even if you think you can spot a fake diamond in a ring and  Dazzle 'em With Your Jewelers Loupe, the new diamond facsimiles on the market still stump the experts.

As for Colored-Gemstones - well, just about anyone can bring in all kinds of treated wholesale loose gemstones and sell them as untreated, with little concern for getting caught.

Synthetic corundum looks exactly like genuine Kashmir sapphires and  the red gemstones, Burma rubies. But how many people can afford genuine Kashmir sapphires and Burma rubies weighing more than one carat? They are not even available today. Premier Antique Jewelry is  often exchanged privately or held in museum strongholds where some of the most  Famous Jewelry Collections of the world reside. 

Invest in Gold Old

The current rush to invest in gold, driven by a desire for non-financial assets, is typical behavior in any financial crisis. Harold James, in his commentary - The Art Of Finance, says that during the great drama of hyperinflation in Weimar Germany, buying gold and non-financial valuables was known as - "die Flucht in die Sachwerte," - the flight to material assets and physical gold is one of them.

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Ready to leave port with me,  and take a closer look at one of the oldest, safest and  Sustainable ways to invest in gold antique jewelry today? One that involves No Dirty Gold Mining and raping the earth for the sweat of the sun? (the Inca people of Bolivia used to call Gold: the sweat-of-the-sun).

Talking about the 'sweat of the sun' did you know there are  people who sweat every day under the sun in search of Flecks of Gold in rivers just to survive? Read about it for your self! 

Invest in gold is a safe haven.  How To You Invest Money In Antique Jewelry That Doesn't Cost The Earth? Find Out Here!

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