List of Gemstones

List of Gemstones

From the List of Gemstones on this page,  each of the gemstone's color family and gemstone family are described:

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Color FamilyGemstoneGemstone Family
Red gemstones from red to shades of pinkRuby: bluish red to orange-redCorundum
Garnet: several red color varieties
Pyrope: brownish red to redGarnet
Almandine: violet to pure redGarnet
Rhodolite: red to violetGarnet
Malaya: brownish red to ornage-redGarnet
Spinel: red to brownish red and pinkSpinel
Pink Sapphire: pinkish redCorundum
Zircon: brownish red to deep, dark redZircon
Rubellite: red to violet-red and pinkTourmaline
Morganite: pink to orange pinkBeryl
Kunzite: violet-pink to pink-violetSpodumene
Topaz: pink to violet-pinkTopaz
Red "Emerald": red to bluish red to orange-redBeryl
Pink Tourmaline: all shades of pinkTourmaline
Orange gemstonesPadparadsha sapphire: pinkish orangeCorundum
Topaz: brownish orange and yellow orangeTopaz
Spinel: brown to orange Spinel
Zircon: orange to golden brownZircon
Garnet: a couple of orange varieties
Hessonite: orange yellow brownGarnet
Malaya: a pink orange to brownish redGarnet
Spessartite (Mandarin): yellow orange to red orangeGarnet
Tourmaline: orange-brown, yellow-orange Tourmaline
Morganite: pale orange to orange pink Beryl
Yellow gemstonesSapphire: yellowCorundum
Beryl: golden yellowBeryl
Chrysoberyl: yellow, yellow-green, yellow-brownChrysoberyl
Citrine: yellow, to yellow-brownQuartz
Topaz: orange-yellow, to sherry yellow Topaz
Tourmaline: yellow to greenish yellow, to brownish to orange-yellow Tourmaline
Grossularite: yellow to greenish yellow, to brownish to yellowGarnet
Andradite: honey yellow, to green-yellow Garnet
Zircon: yellow, to yellow-brownZircon
Green gemstonesEmerald: yellowish green to bluish greenBeryl
Tourmaline: several green colored varieties
Verdelite: all shades of greenTourmaline
Chrome: rich green to slightly yellow-greenTourmaline
Paraiba: light to deep green to blue-green shades of greenTourmaline
Peridot: yellow green to greenPeridot
Zircon: green to yellow-green to gray-greenZircon
Alexandrite: daylight:bluish to blue green; artificial light: violet-redChrysoberyl
Sapphire: yellow green to blue-green to gray-greenCorundum
Garnet: a couple of greensih varieties: Demantoid: yellow-green to emerald green green Garnet
Tsavorite: yellowish green to bluish greenGarnet
Blue gemstonesSapphire: cornflower blue to greenish blue to inky blueCorundum
Tanzanite: violet blueZoisite
Spinel: gray-blue, greenish blue, true pastel blueSpinel
Aquamarine: light pastel or deep pastel blueBeryl
Topaz: light pastel to deep pastel blue to blue-greenTopaz
Zircon: pastel blueZircon
Water sapphire: violet blueIolite
Tourmaline: a couple of blue colors varietiesTourmaline
Violet gemstonesAmethyst: lilac to violet to reddish purple to brownish purpleQuartz
Sapphire: lilac to to purple to violetCorundum
Rhodolite: red-violet, to violet redGarnet
Spinel: grayish violetto pure purpleSpinel
Morganite: pinkish lavender to lavenderBeryl
Tourmaline: light lilac to deep purpleTourmaline

If you know How to Use a Jewelers Loupe, you will be able to identify some gemstones in your Jewelry collection, by comparing the qualities against the list of gemstones in the above gemstone list. Not Sure What The Jeweler's Loupe can tell you? Time to learn. Click Here.

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From the List of Gemstones, Does the Gem Have Cachet?

Many people use the term "GEM" to describe all kinds of stones, but many stones on the List of Gemstones are Not  true Gems.

Even within the precious three gemstones, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, we find stones that are not true Gems.

A true Gem must possess unusual Beauty, Durability, Rarity,  and above everything else, a true gem has something extra; this quality that's hard to put your finger on.  The closest word (I've found) to describe this quality is  called "Cachet".

It’s not just studying a gemstone for factual and technical analysis. Surfaces, textures, and the feel of the Gem are just as important as technical efficiency.

But it's a quality called  "Cachet"  that brings a Gemstone or Natural Pearl down from the world of our dreams, and make us yearn to possess it.

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