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Considering  an invest in Antique Gold Jewelry, Antique Wedding  Rings, 20th Century Jewelry or maybe  Georgian Jewelry? Here are a few good reasons why you should consider investing in physical gold like Antique Jewelry...

Old Gold Necklace

Investment grade Antique gold and silver Jewelry shows a high level of craftsmanship and quality. Antique pieces are valuable because Jewelry over 100 was not made in large quantities and was handmade. Men and women around the world are returning  to  Antique Jewelry because not only is  this type of Jewelry often very beautiful  but because it is also  investment worthy - buying gold in the form of Jewelry is a rock solid  investment.  That's a gold fact.  The rarity factor alone is increasing because well, they don't make Antique Jewelry anymore. Besides the obvious value in the gold content, Jewelry with history considers other stores of value, like craftsmanship, rarity, and age. These stores of value are unique to Antique Jewelry and make investing in physical gold and silver Antique and Estate Jewelry a seriously attractive consideration. 

 Antique Jewelry & 20th Century Jewelry is a physical gold investment.  What form of investment can you think of that has a higher store of value than the price of gold today? A term borrowed from the social sciences, when applied to Antique Jewelry is called  "Atavism" and it can catapult  the price of classic Antique Jewelry above  the price of gold. (Atavism is the tendency of reversion, For example, people in the modern era reverting to the ways of thinking and acting of a former time. The word atavism is derived from the Latin "atavus" = a great-great-great-grandfather, or, more generally, an ancestor). 

Time to take a fresh look inside the Antique Jewelry Box, or  Jewelry Armoire, and re-consider  Antique Gold Jewelry, not only from the purely Buying Gold point of view but also with consideration for the Antique Jewelry exclusive  stores of value, inherent in invest worthy Antique & 20th Century Jewelry.  

You don't have to be an economist or have a business degree.  Most jewelry dealers, Antique Jewelry Investors, and collectors are not economists either.  The one thing  they do  have in common, apart from knowing how to use a Jeweler's Loupe, is the ability to sniff out a bargain and knowledge of the subject. 

And the big question - How Much Is My Jewelry Worth?

This is  one of the most popular questions we receive on Antique Jewelry Investor Help Central.  

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Hallmarks on Jewelry can increase the value  of the item as the marks  authenticate the piece.  Determining Hallmarks on Antique Gold Jewelry  isn't easy for anyone, experts included!  Often the Jewelry marks have worn down over the years. 

Antique Gold Jewelry Up-Close

A Jewelers Loupe is a magnifying glass with 10x magnification and is indispensable for deciphering hallmarks on estate jewelry. Once you have bought one the next step is looking at the mark under the loupe and observing what the Jewelers loupe finds. Not what the owner or would-be investor  wishes or hopes it is.

Click Here for an Introduction To Antique Jewelry Hallmarks.

Hallmarked gold Jewelry, for example, with United Kingdom Hallmarks (UKHM) or British Hallmarks will be found only on Jewelry originating from Britain. Find Info on Hallmarking in Great Britain Here.

The Antique Jewelry Investor website is a Jewelry Resource and Invest in Antique Jewelry guide with information that's been hidden from you for too long...How to Invest in Antique Gold Jewelry, Premier Jewelry, and Natural Pearls. You see, the old club of Antique Jewelry dealers has known all along, that Antique Gold Jewelry is an incomparable long-term investment.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Ancient Egyptian JewelryThe Ancient Egyptian love for gold is evidenced in the Ancient Egyptian gold artefacts

Antique Gold Jewelry has been around for thousands of years, it's never gone out of fashion. It never dates or fades. Just ask the Ancient Egyptians! Gold's long performance over time is no secret - it's unmatched. You just have to look at the Ancient Egyptian Jewelry and the gold ornaments found in Tutankhamen's burial chamber. Gold is not just lightly dusted on the pages of Ancient Egyptian History & Greek mythology,  it's smothered in the gold stuff.

And they still keep finding more gold in Egypt. Recent discoveries in the Karnak temple near Luxor have found nine cartouches made of solid gold. (courtesy of the Ancient Egypt Magazine, 'Ancient Egypt, The History, People and Culture of the Nile Valley).

From the antiquities of Ancient Egypt, the Antique Jewelry of India, to the sculptured designs of the Art Nouveau Jewelry of la belle époque, meaning "the beautiful era".

Not sure whether to collect Antique Jewelry or modern Gold Jewelry? Then these facts about gold-mining will help you to decide...

And of all the influences which transformed antique gold Jewelry in the nineteenth century, it was the constellation of Gold Work in antique filigree gold Jewelry, which was one of the most influential. The introduction of new gold-forming techniques involving new, innovative Gold Work techniques in the Late Georgian, and Antique Victorian Jewelry changed the design of Jewelry forever.

The BEST 10 Reasons to Invest in Gold Jewelry Can Be Found Here...

Powerful economic forces are shifting the global balance of trade. Covid-19,  a plummeting dollar, a looming housing crisis, and a predicted global recession, and a billion new Asian luxury consumers are a few of the reasons why Gold in India is glittering like never before.

Gold Mining that produces brand-spanking-new gold Jewelry can be  a dirty industry. Antique Gold Jewelry, on the other hand, causes little or no negative impact on our precious environment.

Not being susceptible to the fluctuations of the stocks and shares or even in the currency market, gold Jewelry does not lose its value.

Victor Epand states that the current hotpot in Jewelry investing is gold Jewelry. Based on recent global reports, he says, that every year there is a rise of approximately 19% in the demand for gold Jewelry. This is a record-breaking amount and it has been predicted to rise more in the coming years. 

Antique Jewelry is a lot easier  to store than  gold bars.  Take a one-hundred-ounce bar of silver, taking up roughly 3" by 6" by 1 1/4" or 22.5 square inches. This bar is worth about $1530 at  spot price (August 2008).

How many bars and how much space would you have needed  to satisfy a $100,000 purchase? You would need about 65 100 troy ounce bars and slightly over 10 cubic feet to store $100,000 in silver bars at today's spot price.

The value  of invest old gold Jewelry increases with time.  In the US, during 2006, the sale of gold Jewelry reached 44 billion dollars.

Not only have gold prices skyrocketed recently, but the price of silver and platinum have as well. Here's the reason why.

Gold prices are tied to the current economic impact that the sub-prime mortgage fiasco is having on the US economy. With the downward pressure on the value of the US dollar in world markets, comes an upward pressure on gold prices.

The reason is that most world currencies are based on the gold standard.  When the value of the US Dollar goes down, it costs more dollars to buy an ounce of gold on the world markets, and the US price of gold goes up. Way up. Over 300%.

The higher price of precious metals is anticipated to last for the foreseeable future. The increase in the demand for buying gold online is directly in proportion to the growing insecurity the global community feels towards the current world monetary system.

Many people aren't aware that in 1971, the central system of organized world finance collapsed.  Yes, that's right, world finance essentially crashed back in 1971.  The Bretton Woods Agreement, signed in 1944 set in place an obligation for each country to adopt a monetary policy that maintained the exchange rate of its currency within a fixed value in terms of gold. It was developed at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, from July 1 to July 22, 1944.

This collapse of 1971, as a result of the United States' suspension of convertibility from dollars to gold. This meant that under the gold standard, bank-notes were payable in gold coins.

Until the collapse, the Bretton Woods system was a very effective means in controlling conflict and in achieving common monetary standards for the leading states that had created it. One of the reasons  people are returning to antique gold Jewelry is that since 1971  the world monetary system  has had nothing substantial backing it.

The idea that we agree to believe the dollar has value, is about the only thing still holding it together.

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