The Rise of the Luxury Asian Markets

The democratisation of luxury is being super embraced by the growing Asian markets as the international dream in the new libertarian nation unfolds." (Ken Envoy - president, SBI)

The Democratic West have been duped to think of rare Antique Jewelry and Pearls as a "life-enhancing" commodity  for their eyes and pockets only. Time to evaluate the situation in the growing Asian Markets!

China's Growing Middle Class
 Impact Asian Markets

We believe it is both:  Antique Jewelry, 20th Century Jewelry, Estate Jewelry and Natural Pearls might  be considered an ideal hedge against the abuse of fiat currencies - a form of economic protectionism on a personal level.

To get some perspective on this, take a look at the growing Asian market.

In China's growing Middle Class, there's rapidly growing demand for non-financial, material assets. During the great event of hyperinflation in Weimar Germany, it was known as - "die Flucht in die Sachwerte", - the flight to material assets: are YOU ready?

Besides the polar shifts, there's lots of other things shifting fast,  like the global luxury market projected to hit US$1 trillion. (Virgin-Blue, Voyeur, May 2008).

Invest in gold and platinum Antique & 20th Century Jewelry & Pearls is not limited to the United States; it has become a new, global  phenomena.

"International markets such as Russia, Far East Asia and Middle East," says Lee Siegelson, owner of Siegelson, a Manhattan-based jeweler, "are looking to collect jewelry and are realizing and appreciating jewelry as an art form."

Before only the very rich, royalty, famous actresses and celebrities could afford to invest in fine Antique Jewelry, 20th century Jewelry and Pearls. This is no longer the case. The average consumer and now the emerging middle classes within the Asian markets are able to invest in gold Antique Jewelry.

No longer is Antique Jewelry, which leaves the smallest carbon footprints, just for the super rich and famous celebrities, it's  now in  reach of the average Middle Class consumers in the fast growing economies of Asia. 

A borrowing trend is also being embraced by the very wealthy, who are becoming less interested in owning assets that may depreciate, and the very wealthy, who are eager to invest Jewelry and who willing to pay a premium for rare and beautiful Antique Jewels.

Consumers create strong associations with Antique Jewelry to which they feel emotionally and financially invested, forming their own constellation of jewelry across the different Antique Jewelry periods.

Invest worthy Antique Jewelry is at the top of the luxury ladder and appearing more and more on the 'must-have' list of the fashion-conscious consumers who are trading higher to unique, exclusive one-of-a-kind products like rare and beautiful antique jewels!

The trickle down effect means that emerging regions of wealth in the Asian markets, Middle East, India and China are fast becoming the engines of growth for the 21st century, and posed to steer the direction of the luxury Jewelry market.   

Each day, more and more Chinese are lifted out of poverty. It is estimated that by 2025 China’s middle- class will be the largest in the world, more than 600 million strong. At that point the Chinese middle-class will be nearly twice the size of the entire population of the United States (based on US Census Berea estimates).

That’s a pretty mind boggling. 

Consider also that other members of the so-called BRIC nations have rapidly growing middle-classes as well. Between now and 2025 for example, India’s middle-class will grow ten-fold.

Getting The Asian Markets
Luxury Market Picture Yet?

Antique Indian Jewelry has been viewed as an investment for thousands of years.

Given that there is a cultural affinity toward gold invest within the Asian markets, I think it's fairly safe to assume that more wealth, will follow more demand ffrom these countries.

Factor in the price risks associated with a middle-class that will comprises over 50% of the global population in less than 20 years and gold just over $800 an ounce is a real bargain, Check that; invest in gold - it's a steal at these levels.

Many people from Asian and the Middle-east already invest in gold. They need no convincing of the personal and financial security of  Invest worthy gold Jewelry, Estate Jewelry and Pearls.

Political and geographical restraints may have restricted their participation and abilty to invest in gold Antique Jewelry in the past, but times are changing and changing fast.

These people know more than most, that money is only as good as the value we place on it.

How do YOU perceive the growing Asian markets? Although this site is relatively still new, I am already receiving emails on a daily basis from visitors in  Asia   concerned about the world economy, and eager  to know how to Invest money in fine Antique Jewelry, 20th century Jewelry. 

Antique Jewelry, is a sensory experience for new luxury consumers and has transcended its traditional place as a time honored, status symbol of the West, taking on a new role in the way the emerging nations define themselves.

These cherished symbols of times gone by, glow with a soft patina that only comes from being worn and loved. Jewelry from another era has its own story to tell, and the  Asian markets TRUST time honored fine Estate and Antique Jewels.

These cherished symbols of times gone by, glow with a soft patina that only comes from being worn and loved. Jewelry from another era has its own story to tell, and the Asian markets TRUST time honored fine Estate and Antique Jewelry.

In conclusion, if you can afford too, and know how to Invest money in fine Antique Jewelry, 20th Century Jewelry and Pearls, then time to invest now. Regardless of when now is, before demand increases. And as to how much you should buy? As  much as you can possibly lay your hands on.

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