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What makes  famous engagement rings famous are the stand-alone women, famous celebtities, and monarchs who wear them.  This section of the website is specifically dedicated to betrothal rings and the strong women who were the inspiration behind them.

Lady Diana's Engagement Ring

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One of the most famous engagement rings is the celebrated engagement ring worn by Lady Diana Spencer.

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Lady Diana Spencer's Famous Engagement Ring

Lady Diana Spencer engagementLady Diana & Prince Charles Engagement Photo

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The late Diana, Princess of Wales was born Lady Diana Frances Spencer on 1 July 1961 in Norfolk. Lady Diana Spencer married The Prince of Wales at St Paul's Cathedral in London on 29 July 1981.

The family was very important to the Princess, who had two sons: Prince William and Prince Henry (Harry). After her divorce from The Prince of Wales, the Princess continued to be regarded as a member of the Royal Family.

Diana, Princess of Wales died on Sunday, 31 August 1997 following a car crash in Paris. There was widespread public mourning at the death of this popular figure, culminating with her funeral at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, 6 September 1997.

Even after her death, the Princess's work lives on in the form of commemorative charities and projects set up to help those in need.

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'History of the Monarchy'

The Famous Engagement Ring

When Lady Diana Spencer accepted the engagement proposal, a selection of engagement rings was presented for her consideration by Garrard Jewellers. From a list of gemstones, Diana chooses an 18-carat  oval BLUE SAPPHIRE Engagement Ring. Contrary to the  accepted  standard of Diamondsbeing  the "proper" engagement stone, mainly as a result of DeBeer's ingenious marketing.         

The Sapphire in Lady Diana's engagement ring weighed approximately 7-9 carats  and was surrounded by 14 small diamonds in an elegant cluster setting.

Unlike many famous engagement rings, when the public must hypothesize over the ring's price and jewelers are sworn to secrecy, the public knew the cost of Princess Diana’s engagement ring. It was chosen from the regular Garrard catalog and therefore could be purchased by anyone, for the price of 28,000 British pounds, or the equivalent of $65,000 (at 1981 exchange rates).

Prince William offered his  fiancée Kate Middleton, the engagement ring of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales on November 17th, 2010. Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton were married on Friday, April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey in London.


'Princess Diana's Engagement Ring'

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