Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes

Investment-worthy Antique Jewelry demands handcrafted Jewelry boxes and antique jewelry box protection for savvy jewelry storage that will stand the test of time.

Not every Jewelry investor  stores  jewelry in safety deposit boxes these days.  Some  know its history.   After an inflationary run-up in prices and asset values, the stock market crashed in 1929, and the economy soon went with the crash and the British government began confiscating people's deposit boxes, just before the Great Depression. True. 

Antique Jewelry and the old-fashioned jewelry box have stood the test of time and proven their worth. The Problem? Which one is right for me? There are  thousands of seriously beautiful jewelry boxes in all shapes, sizes, and prices to choose from, for sale over the internet.

Choosing the right box can be  overwhelming.

So, how do you go about deciding which handcrafted Jewelry box is right for your jewelry storage requirements? Should you choose a traditional wooden jewelry box or a non-traditional unique antique jewelry box?

Time to step outside the box and consider the best way to store your Antique Jewelry safely and securely.

Traditional Antique Jewelry Boxes

For Traditional Antique Jewelry boxes, you can't beat wood. Some Jewelry collectors enamored with the Jewelry armoire and handcrafted jewelry boxes with fine interior features, crafted in noble exotic hardwoods. Those serious Antique Jewelry Investors feel these types of jewelry boxes meet their requirements best.

Find out the difference between a Jewelry Collector and a Jewelry Investor ....

In this caliber,  you have museum-quality jewelry boxes made from birds-eye maple and maple burls, teakwood, fiddle-back Maplewood, in-laid marquetry, and more have been executed with painstaking attention to every detail and finishing touches such as a matching lock with tasseled key.

Museum-quality wooden Jewelry boxes can even rival antique furniture and may be finished with up to fifteen coats of high polish lacquer that forms a protective luster known as a "piano finish".

Among those craftsmen who have had the pleasure of handcrafting fine Jewelry boxes, they all agree, that working with natural wood is the best material for making beautiful jewelry boxes that will pass the test of time.

Agresti is makers of unique cabinetry in Florence. Their Jewelry boxes and antique style jewelry chests are superior for quality and craftsmanship.

However, you do not need to spend a fortune on handcrafted jewelry boxes. There's one just right for every budget.

Jewelry Box Plans

For the budding or veteran woodworker, you might prefer to turn your hand to building your  handcrafted jewelry boxes, following these Jewelry Box Plans. Even a novice woodworker will be able to complete a handcrafted jewelry box following these easy to assemble jewelry box plans.

Musical Jewelry Boxes

One of the all-time favorite jewelry boxes is the ballerina jewelry boxes. I have an antique musical box. The musical movement still works and every time I lift the lid, I'm transported back in time.

Many of the vintages jewelry boxes are more practical, like my vintage mele jewelry box with its very well arranged compartments.

Musical jewelry boxes that delight the ear when opened and play a delightful tune are not only found in children's jewelry boxes.

Women all around the world love music boxes. For gentleman looking for a unique gift idea, nothing can soften a women's heart as quickly as the sound coming from a musical jewelry box.

Handcrafted Jewelry Box - Investor Tips

The perfect Jewelry box should serve Three Basic Purposes:

  • Protection
  • Safety
  • Beautiful to Look At

Do not make the mistake of compromising on protection and security for the sake of beauty alone.


Dust is the number 1. enemy when it comes to fine Antique Jewelry.


Protect your fine antique gold jewelry estate jewelry and costume jewelry and store it in a clean, dry, dust-free place.


Take your time in choosing the right jewelry box, your estate and antique jewels have survived hundreds and thousands of years. They deserve extra special storage requirements.


Jewelry boxes are personal items, unique to each man and woman, however, your choice, as far as your jewels are concerned should also be a practical one.


There are  thousands of jewelry box styles, features and price tags to choose from.

Wall Mount Mirror jewelry Box

Think outside the box: depending on the size of your collection a wooden jewelry chest, wall mounted jewelry mirror or jewelry armoire might be more suitable for you to store your jewelry.


Jewelry compartments and jewelry trays are two of the most important considerations when selecting your jewelry box, as they serve to protect you're fine Antique Jewelry for many years to come.


Avoid loose fabric linings such as silk. Fine antique jewelry does not like to slide around and it is positively harmful to your jewelry. Although velvet may look pretty it also wears quickly.


Suede-like texture and plush faux suede or even a pigelle liner, safely protect your jewels and richly displays it at the same time.


Make sure your jewelry box or safe is not lined in suede. The tannic acid used to cure suede can react with gold and cause a rust-colored stain that can only be removed by way of professional cleaning.


The size of your handcrafted jewelry box, jewelry chest or armoire will determine the number of items  it can store.


Antique Jewelry Investors should anticipate at least 60% additional storage for future acquisitions.


For Investors with a large collection, a free-standing with swing-out sides, lift-top drawers will be the answer and also add to attractive boudoir furnishings.


The look and feel are big considerations, but the interior space arrangement and custom features of handcrafted jewelry boxes designed specifically for storing valuable estate and Antique Jewellery are the most important.

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