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Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry Armoire is not only a convenient place to organize jewelry. The armoire is a special piece of furniture for your room and one jewelry box (listening guys?) certain to please a lady even more than a box of candy!

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Depending on your home decor and the mood you wish to create, there are many styles to choose from, here are some of the favorites:

  • ANTIQUE WHITE ARMOIRE - the white armoire is Melanie's favorite! - if it's a soft decor that you're working with, then softer shades may be more appropriate, for example, in the bedroom to match with the bedroom furniture.
  • HAND PAINTED ARMOIRE - for a custom-made, specialty look, this armoire gives the impression that it has been made just for you!
  • MODERN ARMOIRE - popular with consumers who rate functionality a priority and have a contemporary decor to match...
  • SIENNA ARMOIRE - provides sunny continental warmth due to the raw sienna finish, which is further accentuated by the endearing hand-painted blossoms that embellish it.

This type of jewelry organizer is freestanding and as such can be placed in a convenient room, to match the decor, usually a bedroom where you put on jewelry.

The jewelry armoire allows you to hang your necklaces and chains easily by way of hooks usually attached to the inside of the doors.

With the traditional jewelry box, compartments are never usually enough. Trying to untangle your jewelry before you go out, can be time-consuming, frustrating and positively destructive to your jewelry.

Being larger than traditional jewelry boxes on the market, you will find more compartments and separate drawers for storing all your jewelry pieces. Finding them too is much easier and a whole lot more fun.

"This jewelry box sure was the best gift my husband ever gave me," my friend told us over lunch recently.

It was embellished with hand-painted gold flowers on oak stained hardwood. It affords her a clear view of her now nicely organized jewelry collection.

Several of the custom made ones contain removable sections that double as traveling jewelry cases. A black velvet interior makes a perfect setting for diamond bracelets, earrings, brooches and can be tucked away safely in their compartments, not tangled up and mixed all together.

But the real allure of this unique jewelry box is that they are each beautiful piece of furniture in their own right that will preserve your jewelry for many years to come.

There's a lot of information on home decorating on the internet and if you are new at decorating it can be seriously overwhelming - try to incorporate a little bit of Feng Shui decorating principles in the home, especially in the bedroom.

The style you choose and the way you position your armoire according to Feng Shui elements will attract positive energy and protect your living space as well.

Whichever jewelry armoire you choose, make sure it has lined drawers and multiple compartments so that your jewelry will not get tangled-up and scratched.

Built-in mirrors are a great bonus too, especially when it comes to putting on your jewelry, as the mirror and the jewelry are near each other.

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