White Jewelry Armoire

This antique white jewelry armoire takes jewelry storage to a completely new level. It is a wooden jewelry box all grown-up and a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right.   This special Armoire is reminiscent of a country cottage garden and  brings the art of Chinese Feng Shui bedroom decor  and the spring freshness of an English country garden right into your boudoir!

Antique White Jewelry ArmoireWhite Jewelry Armoire

With all the worries in the world at present, it is not surprising that Feng Shui decorating in the home, that works on the principle of balance and harmony is gaining in popularity. Colors are very important in Chinese Feng Shui and  Feng Shui colors represent Feng Shui elements.

One Feng Shui bedroom tip is the use of the color element - white - for a sense of restfulness, completion and ultimate wisdom. This armoire featured is beautifully hand-painted in shades of creamy antique white, and the subtle "skin" shades in the floral design are believed to attract the energy of innocence and tranquility.

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The hand-painting is reminiscent of an English country garden with its floral design that covers this model,  painted in antique white, blues, grays and sage green.

Even the color of the lining is well thought out and is a very restful and appealing light beige color. These  colors are known as "skin colors" in Chinese Feng Shui decorating and are the recommended Feng Shui colors to bring harmony into your Feng Shui bedroom.

White Jewelry Armoire Top Drawers

Inside the White Jewelry Armoire

There are three small drawers divided into fully lined compartments and three large open drawers, also fully lined. There is plenty of space in this jewelry armoire for a large collection   as it has a total of 6 drawers. The perfect place  for  yoga jewelry too!

The stand-out feature of this model is the removable hidden panels. There are two swings doors that open from each side to reveal one row of hooks to hang necklaces. The top flips open to reveal a large mirror and fully lined and divided compartments.

The built-in mirror is a great addition to this jewelry armoire as it is so convenient when putting on jewelry. This  armoire  will also add to the beauty of your home and  protect your precious jewelry for many years to come. Your Jewelry will love you for it!

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