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When it comes to traveling with jewelry, there are two types of travelers:

1. The minimalist traveler who packs just a few key pieces of jewelry.

2. The traveler who will not part with any of their jewelry.

Are you the type of traveler who can't stand the thought of being parted from your jewelry? It's not uncommon, jewelry lovers form a very strong bond with their jewelry. The problem is, you can't take the entire contents of your Jewelry Armoire.

Many women around the world who travel with their jewelry can never seem to find the perfect travel carrying case. Jewelry Lovers will be pleased to discover that Louis Vuitton is releasing two new pieces for the Monogram Canvas and Vernis collection.

The one pictured above is a tie-a-knot jewelry travel case that would fit snugly in any luggage. Whatever jewelry travel carry case you do decide on, traveling with jewelry calls for a certain degree of finesse and it pays to follow some basic jewelry travel guidelines.

The first consideration, you will want to make sure the jewelry you're taking is sparkling clean before you leave port. However, not all types of jewelry are suitable  for the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Decide on how much jewelry will be traveling with you. This may not be easy.

Good things come in small sizes and jewelry is one of them, and being small and portable, unlike small children, you will not have to book another seat. Not unless you've acquired one of the world's famous collections or happen to be a member of the British Royal family...

angelina jolieLook at those pair of Colombian Emerald earrings? They make you as green as the color of the Emeralds with envy.

If you're traveling with jewelry and  have a boatload of jewelry to choose from - Can you imagine traveling with the emerald earrings of the size and quality worn by Angelina Jolie, or rings like Madonna's three-stone engagement wedding ring? Travel hack - wear them!

On the subject of jewelry storage the jewelry organizer, purpose-built for traveling with jewelry, is called, the "Jewelry Travel Case" and sometimes referred to as a  "Travelling Jewelry Box".

These types of jewelry cases have jewelry compartments specially designed to keep your jewelry organized, protected and from moving around when you are traveling.

If you get one of those cloth jewelry travel cases, you can keep your jewelry near you, in your handbag or carry-on.

The most important thing to consider before purchasing any type of travel jewelry case is the size of the jewelry travel organizer. This leads us back to the first question - Are you a minimalist jewelry traveler or do you like to travel with an RMS boatload of jewelry?

Must Know Traveling with Jewelry Hacks

  • If you are staying at a hotel, when you're traveling with jewelry, a good idea is to keep your jewelry in the hotel's safety deposit box or in your room's safe. Check before you make the booking that the hotel has a room safe or a safety deposit box.
  • Consider taking copies of sales receipts, appraisal certificates or insurance papers as proof of ownership. In doing this, you will avoid any potential problems with customs with regards to import taxes and customs declarations.
  • Before retiring for the night, a simple way to keep all your jewelry organized is to slip your rings through your watchband and then close the clasp. If the watch band is made from leather, you can then press your earrings through the watch straps holes.
  • Be culturally sensitive. In many glorious destinations, local people struggle because of poverty and rely on tourists for their livelihood. Tourists who wear a lot of jewelry stand out and are a potential target.
  • If you're traveling with jewelry and heading to a beach destination, do not wear your jewelry. Especially your rings, because the only person who will be laughing to the bank will be the person who is scouring the beaches with his metal detector.

Suntan lotion makes your fingers slippery and rings can slip off easily. Swimming in the cold ocean, your fingers shrink and your rings can easily slide off. Diamonds are forever, true - but forever with YOU - not forever lying on the bottom of the ocean like the Heart of the Ocean on the RMS Titanic.

When you get back home with your jewelry, you have a range of jewelry storage options available, and one of the most popular and most beautiful ways to store jewelry in the home, just ask Melanie is the jewelry armoire.

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