The Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

GOLDEN ULTRASONIC JEWELRY CLEANER  RULE: Not all types of jewelry can be cleaned in the ultrasonic  cleaner. And just as men like their to cars to look nice and shiny, women want their pretty little hard things to be sparkling. But not all models of cars can be cleaned in the car-wash and not all types of jewelry can be cleaned in sonic jewelry cleaners.

In fact, subjecting certain types of jewelry and gemstones to ultrasonic jewelry cleaning devices and steam cleaners can be totally disastrous. After you have checked what jewelry you can and can't use in the sonic cleaner, the following youTube video shows you, step by step how to use one. 

Cleaning Jewelry and Storing Jewelry are two sides of the same coin. And if you are traveling with jewelry then you really want your jewelry looking sparkling.

However, just like there are different types of jewelry travel cases and jewelry armoires designed for different kinds of jewelry organization, there are different types of jewelry cleaning methods used for cleaning different types of jewelry.

What Jewelry You Can't Use in the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Sonic jewelry cleaning is a fast method of cleaning jewelry, and a great boon for contemporary jewelry and some types of diamond jewelry but Antique Jewelry Investors beware.

*** Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners and jewelry steam cleaners are not for fine antique jewelry. Never use the sonic jewelry cleaner for cleaning jewelry containing:

History of Sonic Jewelry Cleaner

Ultrasonics is a new technology. The term refers to sound waves above the audible-to-human range, about 20,000 cycles per second and up.

The Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a relatively new way to clean jewelry, resulting from the science of "ultrasonics". The sound waves actually whip up the water into millions of microscopic bubbles which burst against the jewelry ripping away the dirt in the process.

The harnessing of Ultrasonic capabilities would have meant nothing back in the 60s - unless you had the hearing of the family dog, as it hadn't even been discovered back then.

One of the very few uses of ultra high sound waves during the early 60s was, its use in whistles, too high-pitched for human ears, to call pets.

It was the aircraft, electronic and missile makers that caused the growth of the ultrasonics industry, that we owe for the development of the sonic jewelry cleaner, hailed by jewelers as one of the best and fastest ways to clean gold and gemstone jewelry around.

Before the development of ultrasonic cleaners, jet-engine nozzles and oil filters, for example had to be thrown away when dirty. Ultrasonics changed all of that, as imbedded oil, dust and grime could be removed in minutes through the use of sound energy.

What Can the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner, well... Clean?

An ultrasonic cleaner, is basically a cleaning device that uses ultrasound (usually from 15-400 kHz) together with an-appropriate cleaning solution to clean delicate items. The ultrasonic is not effective without the cleaning solution as it enhances the effect of a solution appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the soiling.

Ultrasonic cleaning devices have a multitude of uses from electric shavers, auto-engine parts, outboard motors, tips of ballpoint pens and for cleaning jewelry.

Primarily, ultrasound cleaning devices are used for cleaning:

  • Jewellery
  • Lenses and other optical parts
  • Coins
  • Watches
  • Dental and surgical instruments
  • Fountain pens
  • Industrial parts and electronic equipment.

Most jewelry workshops, watchmakers establishments or in cellular phone repair workshops use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

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