10 Reasons to Invest in Gold Old Jewelry


The top 10 reasons to Invest In Gold Old Jewelry and escape the fate of Icarus. Icarus?  Ignoring instructions not to fly too close to the sun, Icarus, our mythical pioneer with wings of wax, falls to his death. Our pioneer's reliance on his wings of wax is a nice comparison with our reliance on today's paper currencies.

1. Luxury Consumers

The first reason to invest in gold old jewelry is because of an increase in luxury consumers. Antique Gold Jewelry is a premier luxury item. Luxury consumers buy luxury items, right?

Sixty percent of the world’s population resides in the countries extending from Afghanistan to the micro-states of Oceania. That makes more than one billion new Chinese, Middle-East and Indian Luxury consumers who have a long tradition of buying gold in the form of recession-proof, hard assets like physical gold jewelry.

Experience is the mother of wisdom; in the poorest economies of the world, people have come to realize that investing in gold offers more security than fiat money which is only as good as the value one places on it.

Take the emerging Asian-Markets and the impact the unprecedented growth will have on the luxury and gold markets in the years to come.

2. Questionable On-Line Marketing

Many a dangerous temptation comes to us in gay, commercial, mass-produced jewelry. Less reputable commercial jewelry websites, selling manufactured jewelry and diamond alternatives resort to often confusing & misleading descriptions:

  • perfect man-made diamonds
  • lab-created diamonds
  • imitation diamonds
  • man-made diamonds
  • alternative diamonds
  • synthetic diamonds

Some of the better lab-created diamonds are moissanite diamonds. Moissanite didn't come onto the market until 1998, and so closely resembles a diamond that gemstone experts have a hard time telling the two stones apart without a special instrument.

Synthetic moissanite diamonds can even fool electric diamond testers by erroneously indicating "diamond". Moissanite sells for about one-tenth of the price of diamonds.

Diamond imitations have been around for hundreds of years, but nowhere as convincing as the diamond fakes you see around today.

Diamond is not the only  gemstone to keep you  awake at night, wondering if it's faithful to its original natural properties.

Read the story about a visitor to this web-site who is trying her hardest to determine if the 40 carats color-change gemstone is authentic alexandrite gemstone or a crafty Siberian imposter.

Another one of the top 10 reasons to invest in gold old jewelry, is owing to the fact, that if the diamond is the original vestal diamond in your antique diamond jewelry, then smile, simper, smirk & grin, for you have acquired an immortal antique diamond cut,in addition to the antique gold craftsmanship.There's power in oldness folks and not just in old gold jewelry!

3. The Test-of-Time

One of the best 10 reasons to invest in gold jewelry crafted in the days of yore, is on account of its strong track record over time.

Gold investment such as antique gold jewelry and 20th-century jewelry is a tried and trusted way  of investing in physical gold and has a better track record over time, long term,  than investing in stocks, shares, and currency markets. Antique Gold Jewelry has stood the test of time and its performance over time is unmatched.

Tips on How To Invest Money In Jewelry...

When you invest in Antique Gold Jewelry you have acquired a gold  investment  that's safer than paper dollars in the current financial crackup.

4. Recession-Proof

Another one of the top 10 reasons to invest in  gold jewelry that's stood the test of time is this:  it's recession-proof.  Keeping assets in the bank means one gets a paltry interest rate (if that) which gets eaten up with bank charges and inflation.

Antique gold jewelry does not hit you with bank charges and is not subject to inflation. With inflationary scenarios, investors need an asset class with a relatively fixed supply that will at least increase with inflation and is likely to attract speculative demand as a consequence.

Precious metals achieve this with low annual production concerning total supply and converts into currency as fiat currencies lose their value. Antique Jewelry in low supply and high demand. Remember, they don't make it anymore.

As for investing in Natural Pearls - well, don't hold your breath.  A strand of Natural Pearls is  valuable than any of the other types of pearls,  even the  black Tahitian  cultured pearl cousins that have more recently joined the pearl family.  High quality, early vintage black pearls are as rare as hen's teeth. 

Ounce-for-ounce, Natural pearls are more expensive than gold. Who says so? Christie's, that's who.  In a recent article, by Layla Haroon, of the City Times, Director of Jewellery at Christie’s, says that Natural pearls, yield a better return than Gold! Now, if you can manage to touch one of the little Natural Pearls from the Persian/Arabic Gulf then count yourself lucky.

5. Higher Melt-Down Price than New Gold

Another one of our best 10 reasons to invest in gold old jewelry  is because Antique gold-old has a higher melt-down price. Most people don't consider the melt-down price, (scrap value) of their Antique gold jewelry, and why would they? Example - premier Antique Gold Jewelry has a higher retail price above the spot gold price than gold bullion.

To highlight the point, take Platinum, a precious metal, popular in jewelry making in the early 20th century. Antique specialists, Ralph and Terry Kovels say: "Old platinum jewelry, the metal popularly used in high-quality Art deco jewelry is more than likely made of metal that's at least 85% platinum." But platinum is very expensive today, as it's one of the rarest elements in the earth's crust and New platinum jewelry may be made of metal that's only comprised of..... 58.5% platinum! What?!

Not surprisingly, the New platinum alloy is causing controversy because the hallmarks contain the word “plat” or platinum.” Sounds like another marketing mash-up, if you ask me.

When you invest in gold and platinum Antique Jewelry, on the other hand, your risk of being duped is significantly reduced.

6.  It's Transportable -  another one of 10 reasons to invest in gold old Jewelry

Good things come in small sizes and old gold jewelry is one of them. You can wear gold and you know exactly where your money is when you're enjoying wearing it.

Gold facts are: Au, or gold, has a periodic number of 79, a boiling point of 2,856°C or 5,173°F, a standard atomic weight of 196.966569 g/mol and is metallic yellow in appearance. On the other hand, the gold market  can  be  shadowy with unsavory characters lurking in murky places attempting to place risky barriers between owners and their gold.

There are 3 ways of buying gold and when you buy physical gold jewelry you get to see, wear and pet your gold  investment.

7. (a) Historical Value

Even if you buy gold Antique Jewelry not intended for your personal use, your investment  will be appreciated for its historical value and craftsmanship,  and will be increasing in value over time.

7. (b) Heirloom Value

The heirloom factor is another one of ten reasons to invest in gold old jewelry we've added.  Premier Antique and 20th Century jewelry is the perfect gift between family members. There is no other gift in the world that carries as much sentimental value and shows you care.

Ask the Duchess of Cornwell, who wears the Queen Mother's art deco diamond ring on her wedding ring finger...

8. Fashionable

Another one of 10 reasons to invest in gold old jewelry from the secondary markets is due to the simple fact that the Jewelry can still be put to its original purpose, which is to complement beauty and fashion. Invest-worthy Antique and Vintage Gold Jewelry hardly looks auld-lang-syne.  

Most women like knowing they can put their investment where they can see it. Wearing a dress made out of gold certificates would look more than a bit tacky.

9. The Time is Always Right to Invest in Gold that's Old but Now it's Even Better.  

One of the 10 reasons to invest in gold jewelry is because of the price of gold. The real price of gold, according to James Turk, founder of GoldMoney, says, that if you were to  invest in gold at its' then present price of $900 today,  in October  2015 it's was over $1137 per ounce.  (Click here for the current gold price ) - opens a new window. This is why it's important to ensure your gold jewelry valuation is current and reflects today's gold prices. 

The point is, it's still relatively undervalued, which means it's a good time to be buying antique gold before it goes over the roof.

Gold is still a long way from the purchasing power an ounce of gold achieved in January 1980.

So, if gold in the future were to reach a $6,255 gold price, (this is not impossible) the inflation between now and then would require gold to reach an even higher price to equal the purchasing power it had back in January 1980.

10. The Internet

There's been a  monumental shift  in buying and selling Antique Jewelry and Pearls  Pearls today - It's called the INTERNET.

The internet has changed the rules of trading forever.  Because of the huge impact the internet has had on jewelry invest,  we decided to include the power of the internet as one of the top 10 reasons to invest in gold.

Jewelry Investors can securely buy jewelry online from reputable dealers they trust, and they need not leave the comfort of their homes. In the past, buying and selling Antique jewelry was conducted mostly in private.

There are just so many good reasons why investing in Antique Jewelry, Premier Jewelry and Pearls is  anything but auld-lang-syne, that TBH, it was hard deciding which ones to include among the top 10 reasons to invest in gold old Antique Jewelry.

If you can afford to invest in Antique Gold Jewelry there hasn't been a better time to start. As to how much Antique Gold Jewelry you should buy? That's an easy one, as much as you can possibly lay your hands on.


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