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Technically, Art Deco Jewelry was made between 1918 and the 1940s. However,  in the History of Jewelry dates can be insensible because design periods often overlap. But the  great news for the Antique Jewelry Investor is in the year 2020,  Art Deco Jewelry officially turned Antique - 100 years old. 

Coinciding with the roaring twenties, the Art Deco Golden age of fashion and Jewelry  lasted only a short time. And now that Art Deco Jewelry can legitimately proclaim its 100-year-old antique status, there's never been a better time to Invest in Deco Jewelry.

Two important things to know about collecting Jewelry from the Deco era:

1.  It's not too difficult identifying Deco Jewelry so suitable for those starting. 

2.  Authentic pieces are easy to find. With its attractive linear design, Deco Jewelry is often displayed at the center of Antique Jewelry stores as it's a perennial favorite and never seems to date.

Jewelry Collectors will find some useful tips about how to tell the difference between Authentic Deco jewelry and Antique Costume Jewelry.

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Art Deco Jewelry & the Gay Paree Facts

You don't have to be royalty  to invest in fine Antique Jewelry. At one point in history,  you actually did!

Art deco originated in Paris (Paree) in the 1920s. The name "Art deco" was only one of several candidates for the completely novel and imaginative way of looking at objects.  Derived from the 'The Exposition Internationale des Artes Decoratifs et Industriels Moderns' of 1925.

Hardly more than 20 years before the Art Nouveau period, la belle époque fashion  had favored gentle curves and sinuous shapes.  The creative period that fostered this brief, revolutionary period in fashion and art history lasted only until the outbreak of the second world war.

The seriously innovative and  very trendy jewelry designs of the Art Deco period would never be recaptured but fortunately for jewelry investors, many examples of the jewelry of this  period  remain.  Abstract motifs and geometrical forms with an emphasis on vertical lines are  keys motifs. Necklaces hung low, often with an elaborate jeweled pendant, called a Sautoir.

Art deco was a major influence of  "faux" costume jewelry under the wings of Haute couturier, Coco Chanel and many of the  handcrafted jewelry boxes of fashion-forward women, housed both fine  and costume jewelry.

Haute Couturier, fashion designer Coco Chanel forerunner to Eliza Schiaparelli, born in Rome, Italy in 1890, captured the mood precisely with her Costume Jewelry designs.  Long, streamlined and vertical lines with the introduction of masculine elements. Anything a man could do,  a fashionable forward art deco belle could do better.

Cutting her hair into short boyish hairstyles marked a "cutting" point in a woman's struggle for equality. The short hair cut was the perfect frame  to showcase the long  shoulder duster Art deco earrings that were all the rage during this period.

Sleeveless dresses and the shedding of evening gloves encouraged the wearing of bracelets. Usually of the extra-large bling style and quite often worn in pairs, one on each wrist. Gem-encrusted geometric link style bracelets were also in fashion and remained in fashion until the outbreak of the Second World War.

Schiaparelli went on and licensed her name for mass production of costume jewelry and accessories made by David Lisner Co., an authorized American agent, and distributor for her earlier French-made pieces.

Her earlier jewelry is typically Art deco in design - "showy" imaginative and bold with innovative designs. Later designs  reveal Art nouveau elements of nature.

Art Deco  Opens The Door To Luxury

 From the Art Deco lighting and candelabras to Art deco Jewelry, linear forms, vivid colors and flamboyant style are the quintessential hallmarks.

For the ultimate Art deco indulgence, if  you go to  LA  head over to the Roosevelt Hotel.  From the Art deco architecture, the seating and leather club chairs to the baronial fireplace, the lobby of The Roosevelt, LA, looks like it's straight out of an old Dolores Del Rio movie and there's even a waft of Latin lover, Rudolph Valentino passing by! A Hollywood landmark since 1927 and home to the first-ever academy awards.

The Antique Jewelry Box

Never underestimate the power of the Antique jewelry box for efficacious Jewelry Storage! An important point on the subject of "boxes" for Antique Jewelry Investors; Jewelry is more valuable in its original box.

Geometric shapes and the use of vivid and bold colors scream 'Art deco'! Linear lines and flamboyant style make it fairly easy to identify, with the help of Antique Jewelry Investor's Essential Art Deco tips, which are available for purchase further down on this page.

See the Duchess of Cornwall's Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring that formerly belonged to the Queen Mother Here.

Essential Art Deco Jewelry Tips

The Art deco movement touched on every aspect of applied art, not just jewelry- architecture, furniture, ceramic, glass, book design, and even industrial design.

The Art deco period saw a major technical innovation - Van Cleef & Arpels' invisible setting allowed gemstones to be closely set together without the use of prongs. This French Jewelry manufacturer has been creating High Jewelry on Place Vendome since 1906. 

Georges Fouquet, Sandoz, Templer, and Brandt, were outstanding Art Deco jewelry designer craftsmen of the era.

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