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The Art deco era was so all-pervading it is was called the Art Deco Movement and touched on all the applied arts. Architecture, furniture, ceramic, glass, book design and even industrial design were all influenced by Art deco design.

One important clue when identifying Art deco style in the History of Jewelry, is this little Natural Pearl: genuine Art deco jewelry might appear that it has been machine-made even though it hasn't been.

Art deco jewelry in the main, was crafted in the first quarter of the 20th century by outstanding jewelry designers of the time, mainly 
French Jewelry designers such as Sandoz, Templer, Georges Fouquet and Brandt.

Art deco style emphasized abstraction and linear geometric patterns.

The most popular colors were: black (onyx), red (coral), blue (sapphire), green (emerald), and white (diamond).

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When identifying Art deco jewelry, often Art deco diamond rings will be set with with a large central cabochon stone often surrounded by small brilliants or by the recently introduced rectangular baguette diamonds.

Being aware of certain diamonds cuts will provide quintessential clues in the identification of art deco diamond jewelry.

You can also test diamonds successfully at home with state of the art diamond testers that are now available on-line.

All jewelry experts use some kind of [jewelry identification tools].

[Old diamond cuts] such as the baguette and emerald-cuts, which had been developed in the nineteenth century, where very popular in the 1920s. This was because they married together the geometrical lines of Art deco jewelry designs.

Art deco Jewelry forms included lavallieres. Undervalued for years and characteristic of the art deco period, the lavalliere is a pendant with two clusters hanging from chains of different lengths. It was very popular in the art deco of the 1920s.

Deco Jewelry of all forms experimented with as many materials as possible.

Think of the Art deco period as one big experiment with all materials and design motifs. Art deco jewelry, at the time was seriously trendy jewelry and is worn by fashion conscious woman still today.

Silver and platinum were preferred to gold, and blacks were supplied by jet, lacquer or enamel.

Take extra special care when buying and identifying Art deco jewelry on-line because without close examination there's not much way of knowing which is cheap or expensive.

Deco Jewelry is may be confused with Costume Jewelry. Find Tips on Identifying Costume Jewelry Here.

Materials used in art deco of the 1920's used contrasting colors together and unusual gemstone such as jade, coral, turquoise and lapis lazuli.

When identifying Art deco jewelry, have in mind that, Platinum was chosen for wedding rings.

Some of the finest pieces of art deco jewelry of the 1920s was made by Cartier, who combined superb stones with excellent design and stringent quality control.

Irregular polished emerald beads were strung as necklaces often with a large pendant of carved emerald or rock crystal framed with diamonds. Emeralds, sapphires and rubies were carved into leaves and flowers and assembled as brooches or inspired by the Indian 'tree of life', densely packed along a diamond branch to make a bracelet or Art deco diamond necklace.

Don't be surprised to see chinese motifs when identifying antique jewelry. During the Art deco era of the mid 1920s, jewelers began to use Chinese motifs.

Here original jade carvings were often incorporated with delicate borders of diamonds and geometric bands of black onyx.

In contrast, to these Art deco examples, bangles particularly of ivory and glazed wood imitated African jewelry.

When it comes to Amercian Art deco style jewelry, it was France who influenced American deco jewelry, though firms such as Tiffany, Udall and Ballou, Spaulding-Gorham and Peacock produced jewelry of a distinct American kind.

Equipped with the information here at Antique Jewelry Investor, specifically about identfying Art deco jewelry, you will be in a better position to acquire investment worthy genuine Art Deco jewels to either add too, or to commence your very own antique jewelry collection.

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