Investing in India

Investing in India

Investing in India and investing in Gold are two sides of the same coin......

India today, is a country in which the demand for gold is wrapped up in thousands of years of India culture. It has its roots in Ancient India religion. So what type of gold, do the people of India invest in? Just take one look around at incredible India to find out!

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You don't have to be Warren Buffet either - people in India, invest in GOLD India jewelry. Many of the pieces are in fact family heirlooms and Indian bridal jewellery. Antique Indian Jewelry.

Since Ancient India times, gold has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity and the origins for the strong demand for gold investing in India can be traced back to the Hindu religion.

Hinduism is the most popular religion in India and is practiced by nearly 80% of the population. The goddess Lakshmi, who symbolizes fertility and prosperity is depicted as a beautiful woman, dressed in gold-embroidered red clothes with gold coins flowing from her hands.

Those who worship her are believed to gain wealth. Hindus consider gold and auspicious metal and they gift gold at marriages and certain festivals in India.

One of the most important of the religious festivals of India is - Diwali - and marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. The association of auspiciousness and gold is so strongly embedded into India culture, that in India today, it is even used as a marketing tool, to promote buying gold on certain religiously favorable days.

India Culture and Marriage

In India culture, brides are often adorned from head to toe in gold jewelry from India. In Indian marriages, the additional adornment of a 'mangal sutra' or 'thaali' (a small gold pendant worn on a thread or necklace ) is the main symbol of matrimony.

India religion states, that the assets can only be passed down to sons. Now, and this is where it gets really interesting.

From ancient India comes the concept, that every woman in India understands, it's called - "Streedhan": - Stree meaning WOMAN, and dhan meaning WEALTH - Womans Wealth.

The Streedhan - Gold Jewelry in India for the woman, given to the bride by parents, family and friends, provides security for the bride and comfort for the bride's parents, who haave the peace-of-mind in knowing that their daughter will, at the very least, enjoy the same kind of standard of living which she had in her childhood.

Inflation Hedge

Not all gold investments in India today are associated with culture and religion in India. Gold is viewed by the rural community as easy and accessible savings vehicle, with the added benefit of being an inflation hedge.

The India government only allow, its citizens to hold financial assets in Rupees, whereas they have been able to hold gold since 1990 , when the gold control act was repealed. India investors can diversity their currency exposure by investing in Gold.

Buying Gold

Traditionally investing in India has mostly taken the form of buying physical gold in the store of gold coins, gold bars and gold Jewelry.

However since 2003, the India government has allowed futures trading and there are now three futures exchanges.

The Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX) and the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Ltd (NCDEX) are the two largest.

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