Indian Gold Jewelry 

Indian Gold Jewelry, needs no "Diamonds are Forever" hype ad campaigns to spike demand for gold. Like India Astrology, Gold Jewelry from India, is woven into the fabric of India culture.

indian gold jewelry

No need for any slick De Beers type advertising campaign for gold in India. Most new gold production in the world, goes into the gold jewelry market, and most gold jewelry will become Indian gold jewelry.

Investing in Gold jewelry is instinctive and part of India culture.

However, what you may find surprising is that although gold in India is high demand, if you walk down the streets of New Delhi you will not see women laden with expensive gold jewelry from India.

In India, the caratage of gold jewelry is 24K and is not meant to be worn for everyday. Most of the gold being traded around this region is too soft for daily wearing.

Over the centuries family wealth in India as it is in the East and many Asian countries, is transported and passed down through the generations by way of the mother in the form of gold dowries.

Gold in India is not so much valued for adornment purposes but more for its intrinsic worth as gold investments in the form of Antique Indian Jewelry.

A typical middle class bride in India, for example, will wear approximately between 30 - 35 ounces of gold jewelry. Apart from gold jewelry from India, wedding guests customarily may also give gifts of gold coins. Gold gifts in Indian society is perceived as Lucky!

Back in the West, times are changing and changing fast. The perceived value the west places on investing in gold jewelry, antique and estate jewelry is being challenged.

The "Diamonds are Forever" Golden bullet to spike gold demand and bring us up to speed and get us more physical about buying gold won't be necessary in the west.

The current state of the global economy is doing a much better job than De Beers ever could, as the west wakes up to the startling fact that the only thing that holds the value of paper money together, is the value we all place on it.

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