October Jewel of the Month 2011

Bulgari Antique Coin Necklace


Jewel of the Month - MEDITERRANEAN EDEN Necklace in 18 kt yellow gold with Antique Roman Coins.

For October Jewel of the Month 2011, Antique Jewelry Investors with an eye for Roman inspired Antique Coin Jewelry will discover a surprise in Bulgari's latest MEDITERRANEAN EDEN Collection in the form of an Antique Silver Coin Necklace in 18 carat yellow gold. Bulgari, are renowned for their distinctive designs and their creative ability to combine classic, antique style with contemporary flair and one of the few luxury jewellery manufacturers that have been in business since the nineteenth century.

Bulgari is a leading ITALIAN jewelry company, first located at 10 VIA dei Condotti, Rome in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari (1857 - 1932) a GREEK goldsmith who in 1881 emigrated to Naples. He moved back to Rome and was later joined by his sons, Constantine (1889 -1973) and Giorgio (1890 - 1966). Fast forward to Francesco Trapani, the son of Agostino Trapani and Lia Bulgari, who has been the CEO of the Group since 1984.

Bulgari pride itself on its ethical commitment and takes the issue of conflict diamonds also known as Blood Diamonds very seriously, actively cooperating with its suppliers to prevent conflict diamonds from becoming part of their inventory.

Modern jewelers often use a variety of new forms and exotic combinations of gold and other metals. With concerns over the environment, responsible jewelers such as Bulgari, advocate and encourage the use of recycled gold or the use of more environmentally conscious "green" gold;  that is gold recovered using less destructive and toxic gold mining methods.

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