The Hallmark Challenge

Visitor, are you ready for the Hallmark Challenge? Or would you prefer to help us solve a real crime scene investigation? Read More...

Representatives from the most illustrious auction houses, to mudlark treasure hunters in London - if you who think you've got what it takes to solve the following unsolved mysteries, then welcome on the hallmark hunt. Have fun and help us solve any of the hallmark mysteries, that have left their marks on Antique Gold Jewelry and other metals, in the modern History of Jewelry. while you catapult to fame and enter the ranks of Hallmark fame, recognized as a true Hallmark Holmes Detective.

FYI Hallmark detectives, do not give a XXXX (a brand of Australian beer brewed in Milton, Brisbane) about fingerprint impressions left by the friction ridges of a human finger, that baffle detectives, at a criminal investigation scene, but when it comes to HALLMARK prints and impressions left behind on a metal surface, well, that's another story...

Welcome Aboard, Hallmark Holmes contenders, you're about to enter Hallmark Heaven or Hell and do we have some hallmark mysteries for you to help us try and solve ...

Unsolved Mysteries:

1. Star, Circle, Anvil and Eye Mark?

2. AG - French Maker's Marks?

3. The Archer?

4. An Arrow Runs Along Top of J and Through Center Line of Letter f.

5. Gold Ring with Thistle, Cauldron, Fish, Pot or Vase (or something else)?

6. 22 ct Gold Signet Ring: Is it a Bird, is it a Plane, is it a FAMILY CREST?

7. Synthetic Ruby, Masonic Ring & Letters "RH" could it be a Ruby Hoax?

8. Mysterious Bracelet Found In Sweden with Four Mountains and the Sun/Moon?

9. Gold Ring With Single Hallmark - Is It A Pineapple Hallmark?

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