How To Choose An Antique Wedding Ring


If Antique Wedding and Engagements rings all sound a bit Greek to you, how to choose an Antique Wedding Ring With T.W.I.S.T will help you see the light of day and appreciate that sparkle in that old cut gemstone!

When choosing Antique Wedding rings, experience has taught me to pay careful attention to the following five key areas:

  1. Craftsmanship
  2. Style
  3. Materials 
  4. Condition 
  5. Authenticity

Condition is Vital

An antique jewel's condition is vital. Repairs might well have saved the jewel's life and helped to ensure it survived the ravages of time. However, some repairs are well done, while others repairs are not so good and will negatively impact the antique jewelry value and the integrity of the piece. Can you see any repairs?

You will find a Jewelers loupe to be worth its weight in gold for the purpose of examining antique wedding rings for repairs. Not sure how to use a Jewelers Loupe? Click HERE...

Relax and take your time when selecting a piece and don't be rushed by enthusiastic sales assistants. Each one of us, have individual preferences.

Consider the scientific facts of the Mohs scale - no gemstone is as durable and strong as a diamond. Facts About Diamonds remind us, that although a girl's best friend does have superior strength over other gemstones, diamonds still break and chip. A girl's best friendscratches just like the Big Cats.

If you would care to see my big cat fund raising page, on behalf of the Cheetah Conservation Foundation, follow the link at the The Duchess of Windsor Jewelry Collection ...

How to store antique wedding jewelry is just as important as how to choose an antique wedding ring.

From 1576 - 1798 only the highest gold, 22 caratage was used in wedding rings. It was only afterward that 18 carat became the norm except from 1942 during world war II when in Britain 9 carat became standard.

When considering how to choose an Antique wedding ring, there are many factors to consider. These Premiere jewels have a personality that shines like no modern engagement ring ever could.

Other Styles of Jewelry Are Practice...

What better way to invest in gold than in an antique wedding ring from the past - a symbol of eternal love from yesterday, that has stood the test of time until today?

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