Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Dare to design your own engagement ring from antique diamonds and vintage and antique engagement ring settings? With the help of a jewelry designer coach at DesignIT - the Designer Engagement Ring Service on Antique Jewelry Investor, there is no fear of failure. Only Jewelers with experience in Antique Jewelry and vintage Jewelry to be commissioned.

Designing your own engagement ring using the same antique diamonds and gemstones or the antique ring setting, from a hierloom antique wedding ring is one of the most exciting and rewarding alternatives in affordable and unique engagement rings.

Designing your own engagement ring from antique jewelry and antique diamond cuts is anything but antique. It is a sustainable alternative to brand new jewelry, extremely fufulling and sprinkled with diamond dust nostalgia. The engagement ring given by Prince Philip, to his fiancé, now Queen Elizabeth II, was created with antique diamonds from his mother's tiara!

Building your own designer engagement ring couldn't be easier with our new designer engagement ring service.

Every woman wants a totally unique engagement ring, charged with personal meaning, a symbol of love that has stood the test of time, that you can pass on to your children. At DesignIT we' can guide you on how you can bring a totally unique engagement ring down from your dreams and onto your wedding ring finger.

Why DesignIT-Designer Engagement Rings?

The DesignIT service grew from a need that became more and more obvious, from visitor's feedback and from also browsing through the diamond jewelry on display at various antique stores.

On spotting another odd looking vintage engagement ring in the window, it started me thinking...."odd" does not equal "unique".

Here was another example, you see them all the time, this antique diamond engagement ring contained some of the original antique diamonds, but alas, amongst the setting, at center-stage a modern brilliant diamond glared back at me from it's prong setting.

This modern diamond was no shrinking violet either and clearly had no appreciation for the older and more gracious hand-cut diamonds along side it.

This once, romantic antique diamond engagement ring, with its hand cut damonds, would have started life in the early 1900s and this muted beauty would have looked simply sensational under candle light. Grace and elegance defined this bygone period and these old. jewels of yore, we're worn by the passengers on the Titanic and the Titanic survivors.

It's a crying shame, so many antique and vintage diamond engagement rings that have been passed down over the years, and updated along the way, have no consideration for the antique design style elements of the period.

Brand spanking new jeweler can spot a brand new brilliant cut diamond but has no appreciation or even knowledge of antique jewelry, such as Edwardian Style Jewelry.

Why many of these updated rings pass over into "scrap" is because the jeweler is competent creating modern jewelry but does not even handle antique jewelry and is unaware of the period-specific design elements that are fundamental to the success of your designer engagement ring.

About DesignIT-Designer Engagement Rings

DesignIT - Designer Engagement Ring Service is an exclusive yet affordable design coaching service providing targeted advice and designer tips on how to design your own engagement ring from vintage engagement rings, heirloom jewelry and grandma's rings.

With DesignIT- Designer Engagement Ring Service, it's now possible to avoid re-designer shipwrecks.

When you design your own engagement ring, you can't afford experimenting, fatal to your vintage jewelry which you can't replace and the original purpose of designing an affordable engagement ring in the first place.

Get professional, confidential advice and guidance from the jewelry designer experts BEFORE you start building your new engagement ring, from the designer team at DesignIT Designer Engagement Ring Service, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Another important consideration is the actual gemstones in the ring, and for some couples, the gemstone meanings are very important.

Can the family heirloom ring be resized or not? Click Here and Discover How Easy it is to Measure Your Ring Size.

Unique engagement rings do not have to contain diamond gemstones. Surprised? Not all vintage engagement rings contained diamonds.

De Beers "diamonds are forever" marketing campaigns are only a recent development in the modern history of jewelry. Colored gemstones, especially the blue gemstones, such as sapphires, which rank high on the Mohs Scale of hardness were also popular, since it was the color of the heavens. Ruby was a particular favorite because it was the color of the heart.

When you design your own engagement ring, you'll be doing yourself and your mother's or grandmother's jewelry a big favor in making DesignIT- Designer Engagement Ring Service your first port of call.

When you design your own engagement ring with DesignIT- Designer Engagement Ring Service you'll receive:

  • Personal coaching every step of the way from the world's best jewellery designers in collaboration with world-respected jewelry art historians.
  • How-to jewelry designer tips
  • Confidential advice
  • Visualization model
  • PLUS a 3 D presentation model of the proposed redesigned ring

What's more, when you're 100% happy with the new re-designed model, we can then take it to the next level and have your dream ring built for you by leading jewelry craftsmen, if you so choose.

You will not find a designer ring service like this anywhere on the internet. And what's more, it really is affordable - with DesignIT - Designer Engagement Ring Service you only ever pay for what you need.

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