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Stewart Devlin silver
by: Anne

I need a repair on a candlestick which was dropped and needs re-aligning. the candlesticks were bought from Collingwoods, conduit street in 1972. could you undertake the repair or suggest a silversmith who could. Many thanks

Engagement Ring
by: Lyon


I have my grandmother's engagement ring which I am hoping to get more information on. Unfortunately, there is no one in my family still living to provide this information. The ring is in an old looking box. Inside the box it reads "Collingwood to the Royal Family. 46 Conduit St. W." My grandfather was a British man and am told he used the ring to propose to my grandmother. I'm trying to figure out if he purchased it or if it was passed down from his family. I am also wondering if the wording "to the Royal Family" means anything or was this a hallmark slogan for the Jewellery store? Also, does anyone know when the Jewellery store closed? I have lots of pictures of the ring. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Collingwood pins in leather box
by: Marc L

I have found a lovely set of pins made by Collingwood in a leather box, gold with enamel. The Imperial Crown with an E and A. I would love to know more about this set. Anyone?

Collingwood brooch information?
by: Michael

I am in need of information on the following brooch. My mom brought it back to Canada from Europe in 1972.

Any insights most welcome.


This was a business in my family
by: Judith Finn(nee Morrell)

I was most interested to read this as Richard Morrell, the Chairman of Collingwoods of Conduit Street in London was my father's brother and as a result we have several fine pieces from the shop within the family. His daughter worked in the shop so maybe the security guard remembers us. I have always understood it was originally started by a cousin of our paternal grandfather.

As a teenage student in London my Uncle used to put really valuable necklaces round my neck and ask me to guess the value! I have a silver teaspoon he gave to me on my very first visit to his office aged 5 in 1951 and other gifts from him and my parents marking 21st birthday.

It was indeed a top place and used privately by many members of the British Royal Family.

Collingwood memories
by: Jan C

Much of a side track but 40+ years ago as a student I worked part-time as a security guard at Collingwoods, 46 Conduit Street, W1. It was a very smart establishment showing royal patronage crests.

I was on duty when Liz Taylor & Richard Burton visited one time. Princess Margaret another time.

Any item showing Collingwood of CS would be recommended. Howevever - a warning, -about the same time there was another 'Collingwods' doing a somewhat down market trade in the same sector. Hence the Conduit Street company went out of its way to distinguish itself from the other by including the address in its trading name.
The MD at the time was Frank Morrell. He had an office behind the shop. When on night shift I used to sleep on a Lilo under his desk.

Photo Requested |Circle Hallmarks
by: Yvonne

Hi - thank you for your hallmark question.
The ring is not silver but gold. The 750 mark is the decimal equivalent to 18k gold. The metal, being white in color, means it will be 18k white gold. Although we do not have the benefit of a photo, we know this, because in your hallmark question you mentioned that you thought the ring might be made of silver.

You also mentioned the ring is in a box marked, "Collingwood of Conduit Street", is it the original box?

We need to see a photo of these jewelry marks before we can proceed any further. You are very welcome to upload a photo in a follow-up submission. Try to get a good, close-up shot if possible.

Thanks for writing to us...
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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