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Dark Green Pearls
by: Fox

Hi Gabby,
A pearl is not a stone. It is basically oyster spit and has very different properties than earth grown/made gemstones.

Kind Regards,

Cold as Stone
by: Gabby

Hi Fox

the tooth test is a well known test to identify natural and cultured pearls from imitation pearls. Pearls that start out cold to the skin and ajust to body temperature is an interesting test and not very well known. Genuine Gemstones are cold to the touch - the old saying as 'cold as stone' has some truth to it.


Your pearl type
by: Fox

Hello my friend,
If the pearls have a slight silver sheen to them they could possibly be Tahitian, though it sounds more like they have been dye treated. This type of treated pearl is of minimal cost and would be sold as beads rather than as fine pearls. They are most likely cultured and from China. I ran into the same thing with a lovely set of nucleated baroque pearls I had of similar color.

Are your pearls gritty when you slide the across your teeth? Do they start out cold and then adjust to your body temperature after wearing? These questions will help identify them as real cultured or artificial (plastic).

It is a shame the clasp is missing as it could tell you a lot about your pearls with hallmarks, etc. 14k would indicate that they are fine pearls. I would recommend taking them to a pearl specialist to be certain.

Best Regards,

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