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by: Anonymous

Hello i have a broach which belonged to my grandmother. The hallmarks on the back are an anchor, a lion and what appears to be a backwards pound sign (£). What could this last symbol mean? The front of the broach is a hand painted bird and the painter had signed at either A.H or A.M?

It sounds beautiful! Is it ceramic jewelry? Have you ay idea of its age? An "anchor" is the assay office mark for Birmingham in England however there are marks that look similar to British hallmarks called
"Pseudo British Hallmarks".

Kind Regards

Thank you!
by: Eileen Campbell

Hello Yvonne,

Thank you so much for getting back to me and clarifying the origins of my ring. I have actually just sold it on ebay but I will pass on your findings to its new owner, who lives in France incidentally. I think that I originally bought it from someone in England so it has journeyed somewhat..the USA to (?) to England, to Scotland and then to France. If only these items of jewellery could talk, I have often wondered what stories they could tell!

I am glad that I found your website and I am sure that I will be using it in future, it is a very useful service indeed.

Best wishes,


Old Mine Cut Diamonds and Dollar Sign
by: Anonymous

Hi Eileen, thanks for writing in!

Antique diamond cuts, known as "old mine cut diamonds" have an interesting history. Diamonds cut in this style were discovered a very long time ago in the early 1700s! They were getting these diamonds from the Brazilian mines back then. But in 1867 something happened that radically changed the face of the diamond market.

New diamond mines and big ones, were discovered in South Africa. After the new diamonds were discovered the diamonds from the old mine meaning Brazilian mines, were henceforth called - Old Mine Cut Diamonds.

Concerning the Letter "S" with vertical line down the center, that resembles a dollar sign, based on your description this mark appears to be the maker's mark:

C. Sydney Smith Co. (Manufacturing Jewelers, New York, NY, USA) - ca 1902 - 1928

Eileen, old mine cut diamonds would also fit within the time frame of Sydney Smith. How Interesting. An early 1900s New York manufactured diamond ring featuring "old mine cut diamonds" from Brazil today calls Scotland home.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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