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50 year old Mikimoto
by: Lorraine

Hi can u give a rough guess on mikimoto necklace a short strand about 50 year old thanku

Not suitable for on-line appraisal
by: Anonymous


these pearls would need to be examined in person. Not suitable for an online appraisal. Thanks Pete! Yvonne

Are They Mikimoto Pearls
by: Yvonne

Good Morning Paul

now that's a hard one. A specialist would examine the drill holes, and try to get an indication of approximately how long the pearls had been in the water before they were harvested, this would give an indication of the quality. The longer they are growing in the water the better quality pearls. Mikimoto are high quality pearls.

Another indication could be the color. Early Mikimoto pearls tended to be more of a creamy color, like most gems though, Akoya cultured pearls have a long history of "accepted" treatments. In the early years of the 20th century Japanese producers developed a number of processes to improve the appearance of their pearls before placing them on the market.

A good appraiser might be able to give you a verbal opinion as to whether they thought they were genuine Mikimoto pearls but I doubt they would be confident enough to put it in writing.

Best Wishes


Mercury Appraisal
by: Pete

Hi Paul

unfortunately this will take longer than 48 hours to research. I can assign your question to a Mikimoto pearl specialist and have an appraisal back at eagle speed within 24 hours, however there would be a charge involved. If suitable, fill in the Appraisal form and tick the Mercury Appraisal box.

Regards Pete
Antique Jewelry Investor Support Team

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