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Pearl in an Oyster
by: Anonymous

The entire oyster opening to see what kind of pearl you have is a scam. They are oysters that have cheap chinese fresh water pearls inserted into them. The pearls were not grown in those oysters. The oysters that make Chinese freshwater pearls make about 50 pearls at once, not just one. And they don't come in black, red, browns, purples, greens... No pearl farmer is going to sell a valuable pearl for a few dollars.

The pearl in an oyster thing is a fad... only cheap pearls are inside so don't waste your money.

No idea.
by: Anonymous

Mm, I don't believe it's that. I don't think it's that big, it seems like a normal sized pearl to me.

Gold South Sea Pearl?
by: Anonymous

Hi Amber do you mean a Golden South Sea Pearl? They are usually large pearls.

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