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Green Pearls in TAHITI Pearl Farms
by: Anonymous

Hi Inyoman Adnyana

concerning the "Green turbo Marmoratus pearl" you mention.
Please tell us more. I thought the only "green" pearls were found in Tahiti. Not in Indonesia.

I think you might find the following info on "green pearls" helpful, by Jeremy Shepherd, an expert on Pearls.

Also the pearl in your image does not look green.

"The Kamoka farm specializes in sustainable ecological practices, and the pearls produced there are as "green" as they can be," said Jeremy Shepherd, President of, Inc. "They are the most environmentally aware Tahitian pearl farm we?ve ever dealt with, from their electricity needs which are met by solar and wind power all the way down to the equipment they use and the nuclei they use to grow the pearls."

Nearly every pearl farm in the world uses nuclei from the shells of wild mussels in the Mississippi River Basin, which not only produces inferior pearls, but has also endangered the existence of this North American mussel due to over-fishing. At the Kamoka farm, they use nuclei derived from mother of pearl (MOP), a natural product of their very own oysters. They were the first company in Polynesia to use MOP nuclei, and the Tahitian Pearl Farming Board found in independent tests that Kamoka?s nuclei produced three times more A grade pearls than any other nucleus type.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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