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by: Judith

are the pearls glass pearls or imitation pearls? It might help to pin this one down.

H in Diamond Shape
by: Ticklefeather

I, too, have an old, obviously vintage, two strand glass pearl necklace with the H in a lozenge or diamond shape (playing card diamond). It looks identical to the Heisey glass mark, but as far as anyone knows, Heisey did not make jewelry. Can anyone help identify this mark?

Pearl Necklace "H in Diamond" - like cards
by: Anonymous

I also have a pearl necklace with an "H" in a Diamond shape (playing card diamond shape) - Does anyone know who made it? Thanks.

Which Diamond?
by: Yvonne

There are two kinds of diamond shapes that appear imprinted onto the metal parts of Jewelry (the makers marks).

1. The shape of a diamond gemstone
2. The shape of a diamond like on a playing card with four sides.

This information is needed before anyone can research.

by: Anonymous

I am hoping to learn who made the necklace. The mark on the clasp is an H within a diamond, the design impressed into the metal of the clasp.

What Kind of Diamond?
by: Anonymous

Approximate Age Please?
H in a playing card Diamond or
H in a gemstone Diamond?

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