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The Mikimoto Story -And The Love of Akoya Pearls...
by: Yvonnes

Good evening Kay!

That's a very good pearl question! Of all the different types of pearls, throughout the history of cultured pearls, it is the Akoya pearls that are the most popular of all pearls.

Produced by Japan's Akoya oysters, it is the Akoya pearl which Kokichi Mikimoto started his pearl cultivation enterprise.

The Akoya pearl is highly respected at Mikimoto. It was in 1905 that the first cultured round Akoya pearl was made, thanks to the tireless efforts of Kokichi Mikimoto and also to the beautiful Japanese Akoya pearl oysters!

The Akoya pearls are the smallest pearl-producing oysters and are avaialble in the market in sizes 3-10mm with the most popular size being 6-8mm. Akoya oysters have the amazing power to produce almost perfectly round cultured pearls consistently.

With Best Wishes


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