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My "find" ring
by: Anonymous

I did take the band into the jewelry store and they tested it. They told me it was gold between 10-14 carat. They said that there was a slight line where it looked like the ring had been sized down and that they cut out the carat marking at that time.

It is small and I weighed it on my meat scale. It weighed 3 g. Again, it is the rose gold color. The jeweler did not tell me a prize for the piece.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I may get for it?


REAL GOLD Mark - is it REAL?
by: Anonymous

Hi KC thanks for writing in. I'm not sure about "REAL GOLD" but i do know that before the metals act was passed in 1906 there were many misleading marks used on gold colored metal. You might see SOLID GOLD for instance, from the late 1800s, there are lots of these antique rings still in circulation and they are actually heavy gold filled, or rolled gold, which are the same thing.

There were also misleading marks like: 18 and the symbol of a cross (like a maltese cross) and "18" followed by a maltese cross, also double digits with the crescent moon and star following.

I would lean towards the side of caution, until proven solid gold. You can get your local jeweler to acid test it for you.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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