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testing for real diamonds
by: Naomi

Hi that sounds like an interesting way to test for genuine diamonds. Have you tried this test yourself? is it very reliable? Thank you!

Gold With Diamonds
by: Anonymous

375 is the amount of gold. if you go to a jeweler he will tell you if the stones are real diamonds & if you have a magnifying glass or Jewelers Loupe, look closely at the stones & if you can see through them they are not real diamonds & if you can't see through them, they are real diamonds. good luck & have fun

Big Cat Jewelry Mark
by: Anonymous

Hi Laura

thank you for sending in the following hallmark question:

"I have a 9ct gold bracelet with what I believe is cubic zirconia stones all the way round. On the back of the clasp where the hallmark is stamped 375 you can also see a panther? Does this ring any bells to anyone?"

Laura, first up - the stones that go all the way around the bracelet - like a tennis bracelet could be glass, zircons, natural or synthetic zircons , colorless zircons can be mistaken for diamonds and diamonds mistaken for zircons.

Zircons are doubly refractive when examining under jeweler's loupe. If you do not know how to use a jeweler's loupe you can find out here.

The stones could be rhinestones, another famous imitator of diamonds. The other possibility is of course, created diamonds or natural diamonds.

The mark you described as a panther - a big cat, could be the Leopard Head which has been the London Town mark from 1822 to the present.

I would have your jeweler test the stones and have this piece appraised.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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