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I have the same, no one can explain

my grandmother had a mabe pearl ring that broke. she wrapped it away and years later she opened the ring and found that there was a pearl growing on it. I had asked numerous pearl specialist and said it was impossible... I have pics too

"amazing pearls"

These two pearls have been with me for about ten to twelve years now. They are well kept in my dresser drawer inside a small plastic zip lock together with two pieces small black corals.The original sizes of these pearls can be compared to a
rice pearl.
A month ago i was transferring contents of my drawers and other stuffs to a newly purchased dresser when i almost mistook the small plastic zip lock as ordinary trash inside but when i opened it, it was to my very big surprise, they are bigger now in size and each one has holes at both ends and when i tried to prick in one hole with tip of a toothpick in seconds i noticed there is something from within covered or blocking the holes.

They look like a 'couple' because one looks like a dolphin and the other a 'preggy stomach'. I am so curious since the day i discovered them to be different from their original sizes.

Outside in one side of the 'preggy stomach' it is very visible now that two bubble like dots is starting to grow in size.

Pearls growing after harvested
by: Anonymous

Pearls growing after harvesting - that does sound amazing. Your two pearls looks similar, in shape at least, to fireball pearls. A fireball pearl is the result of the nacre being deposited not only over the bead but the incision as well creating the look of a tail or trail of fire coming from the pearl hence the name - fireball pearls. Fresh water pearl farmers are always experimenting with their techniques which constantly result in new and evolving types of pearls. But growing after harvesting, this is amazing.

Can you tell us more about these pearls, and what type of pearls are they, (if known) by how much they have grown and over what period of time. This information would help anyone who might have an idea. This is really fascinating.

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