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What’s does mean GTR in the shank
by: Larisa

I would like to know what does mean the letters GTR in the shank of a 10 k gold ring that I just bought ?is this related to a famous designer ?

Thank you
by: Connie

Thank you for the information. This necklace & earrings are beautiful!

ADL British | ADL Italian
by: Anonymous

Hi Connie

The initials "ADL" was used by Abraham David Loewenstark (Silversmiths & retailers, London, UK) ca 1850's -1910.

The letters are in capital with no decimal points in between and in a rectangle shield. The letters "ADL" by same also (same dates) overlapping in a circle sometimes.

However, I'm wondering if these marks might be either US or Italian marks (custom made for US).

Have a look at this gorgeous Italian made necklace marked " ADL".

Try looking at the marks in the other ring under a jewelers loupe in good strong light. It might be easier to make out the letters.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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