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10k Gold Filled Vintage Locket Made in USA
by: Yvonne Hammouda


thanks for writing in. There are quite a lot of marks on this piece! The number, "1-20" tell us that the metal is gold filled. In otherwords, the peice is not made of solid gold. Your vintage locket is made from sheets of 10 k gold around a base metal core. Sometimes gold filled pieces will be made with only a gold top and a sheet of base metal. 1-20 10 KGF means that 1/5th of the entire weight of the locket is made of 10 k gold. 10 KGF stands for 10 k Gold Filled.

F.M. Co are the initials of the maker. It probably will be, Finberg MFG Co (Manufacturing Jewelers) Attleoro, MA, USA ca 1888 -1940s.

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