Hi i have an 18ct Gold half hunter pocket watch which has 3 hinged covers -

The covers are halmarked 18
There is no maker name on the face or anywhere on the watch apart from another hallmark with W.E
Which is hallmarked on the 3 covers and on the winder.
I take it this may be the maker.

But i can't find anything on this on the internet , Every pocket watch ive seen has a makers name on the face.

The watch weighs 140 grams in 18ct and has a full face with 2 big hands and a big second hand , All the other watches ive seen are smaller and weigh alot less and have a small second hand , The watch is in excellent condition with no scratches and is engraved on the inside plate date 1899

So don't pick me up here, i'm not trying to sell the watch, I'm trying to get as much information as i can for insurance purposes on the watch. So if you can get me any more information on this watch it will help me immensely.

Yours Chris

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