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18k M-dash
by: Meredith925

I also have a piece of jewelry with an M and a dash going through it, with 18k stamped underneath. It looks like Steve Lagos, but my jeweler cannot determine its authenticity. I would also love more info on this, so please let us know what you find out! Thanks!

Antique Jewelry Investor Support Team

Meredith do you have any idea about the age of your jewelry?
We do not have an image to go by.
If it's any help, Two arrows pointing towards the M on either side was used by
McGRATH-HAMIN, Inc. Manufacturing Jewelers, Providence, RI, USA) - ca 1950s - 1980s

Arrows and Maker's Mark
by: Anonymous

Hi Daneille, your necklace sounds gorgeous! Nothing compares to antique jewelry! Not only is antique jewelry loaded with sentimentality, especially if its been handed down like your necklace, but antique jewelry leaves no carbon footprints - it is eco-friendly jewelry and reason enough to invest in antique jewelry.

We are going to need a photo of this mark. Could you please upload a photo of this mark in a follow-up submission.

Interestingly though, i did come across a SILVERSMITH in Hartford, CT, United States, using a sponsor's mark that fitted your description. M with an arrow through it. Arrows come in all different shapes and styles and the Melrose arrow only has one feather at the end not along the length of the arrow.

THE MELROSE SILVER Co. (Hartford, CT, USA) - ca 1900

I'm just pondering if it is Italian.... In 1906 the metal acts was passed in the US requiring jewelers to declare gold designation on their work. CT is the usual gold designation for UK while in the US it is K.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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