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by: Anonymous

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Italian Hallmarks from 1934
by: Yvonne

The law 5 February 1934 n. 305 in Italy, introduced uniformity in the shape of maker's marks.
The new mark identifying the maker consisted of a lozenge containing:

number: corresponding to the number identifying the maker
'fascio': fascist party symbol
two letters: initials of the Province
The lozenge was often coupled to an oval containing the purity degree.

Until 1933 Italian makers were not required to have their work assayed or stamped, it was optional.

The coming of the Fascist party in the 1920s, brought with it sweeping new government regulations. Makers were assigned a number. The prescribed standard form was a lozenge with cut sides. The maker's mark contained the number at the center of the "fasces" and two letter abbreviation of the province, in this cases, AR - province Arezzo, in which the maker was registered.

The Fasces symbol being the ancient Roman symbol, an ax bundled with birch sticks.

To the left of the AR province letter is the number of the maker.
It is impossible to see the numbers from the photo. A determination cannot be made without a positive identification of the numbers.

best regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre