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jewellers price..
by: Anonymous

i too am shocked at the jeweler's evaluation. he
could have been joking...some of them are prone
to sarcasm!

ebay always has many carved mop pieces listed in the $10-$20 range. yours is quite pretty though the picture is so fuzzy that one can't see the

Advice from a jeweler -
by: Anonymous

Hello. I am a jeweler.

First: At least one VERY GOOD picture would be necessary to say anything meaningful about the piece. You can't expect anyone to be able to help you without ability to actually see the piece clearly.

Second: It is mother-of-pearl, not pearl itself. (except, possibly, for the small pearl you say is in the middle) I can't think of anything made of mother-of-pearl alone in that size that could possibly be worth anywhere nearly $2,000. Obviously, if it had some other stone(s) with it on the brooch, that might bring up the total worth of the piece.

Lastly, a pawn shop is the last place you'd want to sell something. Pawn shops will give you the least amount of money for a piece. A reputable jeweler would give you a little more than a pawn shop owner. A private sale would yield you the most money.

If you can't sell it privately, my advice is to go back to that same jeweler who appraised your piece at $2,000 and ask him to buy it for half of that - $1,000. He won't buy it for that much, as he'll want to make his profit - but he might offer you one-quarter or one-fifth of the value (that would be standard offer)… in this case, about $400-$500 if he's been honest about it being worth $2,000. That's your best bet. If this jeweler won't even buy it from you for $350-$400, then he knows it's not worth the $2,000 he told you.

I wish you good luck selling the piece. :-)

Mother-of-Pearl Broach
by: Anonymous

Thankyou The jeweler was a very reputable local. How much do you think I would get for this piece there is a tiny pearl in center not sure if that is real but pin is very intricate I am thinking of selling to local pawn shop - I know they will go very low

Blind Mother-of-Pearl or Jewelry Appraiser?
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
- the iridescent inner lining of the mulluscs is what produces this beautiful irridescent effect that you see on mother-of-pearl which is due to the light reflected by the overlapping layers of nacre built up over time.

If this MOP shell is exposed to light, you will find this iridescence will be destroyed and the shell is then said to be "blind". Store away from light.

Mother-of-Pearl has been used in thin slices for decorative inlays, but also for some types of jewelry such as carved pendants and buttons.

Who quoted you the price of $2000? Was he blind?!

It is quite a large broach but I really can't see anything like $2000 in this item. Unless there is a great deal more carving and more iridescence than we can see in this photo.


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