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Scottish Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Hi Suze thanks for writing in with the following hallmark question:

"I have an old stone brooch with gold? ends marked...KW 20 and then a poor quality mark I can't make out. Is it gold and if so how can I find out more?"

To be absolutely certain, your local jeweler can acid test the metal and determine the metal composition for you. Unfortunately we don't have a photo, but I can tell you that brooches in various shapes and sizes have been made in Scotland for over 2,000 years! You have the Kames Brooch, Loch Buy Brooch, Hunterston Brooch, Disruption Brooch, Luckenbooth Brooch to name a few.

In the 19th century in response to the romantic interest in Scotland stimulated by the writings of Sir Walter Scott PEBBLE JEWELRY made of CAIRNGORM was popular.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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