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Value of gold
by: Anonymous

A lot of jewelry from India is 22k and 24k (often marked 999 for pure gold) You can have a reputable jeweler acid test the gold to make sure it is 24k. If in fact it is with gold at $1112.10 (today's current quote) for "scrap" gold 24k would be around $32.00 a gram it would make the necklace just over $1000.00 in scrap gold so if you want to sell it "outright" as a piece of jewelry you would want to get "above" scrap gold price and if you want "fast cash" sell it for the gold content. Beware of Pawn shops that pay a lot less then the value of the gold, best to call a local dealer, ask what they are paying a gram. They will want to make some profit as that is what they are in the business to do but knowing it scraps for $32 a gram should give you an idea on what to charge

Price of Gold
by: Darlene

Gold prices are based on pure gold, 24 karats. Most Jewelry is 14 karat, 18 karat and 10 karat. That's why, gold jewelry, less than 24 karat is worth only a proportion of the 24 karat gold price. A 14k gold necklace is valued at 58.5% of the 24 karat price of gold.

Warm regards

The Price of Gold
by: Chatty Sheldon

I believe that Pure Gold is called 24 karat although absolutely 24 carat gold almost NEVER occurs naturally. What method or what gold testing equipment did you use to test the gold? The value of the necklace will be based on the weight of the necklace and the price of gold so you need to be sure about the purity of the gold.

Your India style gold necklace sounds lovely though and I'm sure you will have many people interested in buying it. Good luck.
Chatty Sheldon

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